Buddy Bites: The Situation's Abs Have a New App, 'Idol' Searches for Talent Online
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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Is There Anything The Situation Can't Do?

DWTS and Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has launched a new application for the iPhone. Aptly titled, The Situation, the app has five functions: Workout, GTL Finder, Sound Board and the option to leave The Sitch a message. This is good news for all the aspiring guidos and guidettes out there who are looking for guidance from The Sitch. There is also a game on the app called "The Grenade Dodger." Sweet! I've been looking for an app to help hone my grenade dodging skills. [Radar]

In Order to Find Someone With Talent, American Idol is Looking For Contestants Online
American Idol is introducing a new wrinkle this season. No I'm not talking about Jennifer Lopez. In addition to holding formal auditions across the country, they will also be accepting online auditions for season 10. AI will partner with MySpace (remember MySpace?) to allow potential hopefuls the opportunity to sing their way to Hollywood. It's a pretty smart move if you think about it. The most popular act in music, Justin Bieber, got his start by posting videos on youtube. AI hasn't had a relevant winner since season four. They would kill for a Bieber-like contestant; maybe this move will do the trick. Wait, does that mean there may be more Biebers out there? Noooooo! [US]

Jamie Oliver Has a New Buddy
2010 has been a good year for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. His TV show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was a big hit for ABC and was recently picked up for a second season. Last month he won an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program. Today he and his wife Jools welcomed a new baby boy to the world. Oliver now has five children: Poppy, Rosie, Daisy, Petal and now young Buddy (has a nice ring to it). Dang, the former Naked Chef has been getting busy! [E! Online]   

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