Bristol Palin and The Situation Star in a Safe-Sex PSA
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The appearance of Bristol Palin in a video advocating safe sex and abstinence isn't too much of a surprise. After all, that's the basis of her post-election and post-scandal fame. But sharing the spotlight with The Situation? That's Twilight Zone territory there.

The video, posted by The Candie's Foundation, features the Dancing with the Stars competitors in what looks like a backstage setting. After a couple of scantily clad dancer-types wander past The Situation's eye, the player zeroes in on Bristol.

Don't worry, she turns him down. And then the pair engage in a frank (if scripted can be "frank") discussion about the issues surrounding abstinence and safe sex.

Bristol advocates for abstinence as the best way to avoid a "situation." No surprise, especially considering the fine specimen of man-boy in front of her. This concerns Sitch, who worries about Bristol's knowledge on the issue:

"Just in case you get into a situation, I just want to make sure you are situated. Because if you do get into a situation with your situation, you may end up with a situation. And you may not like that situation."

I'm starting to think The Situation uses "situation" much like the Smurfs used "smurf."

The Situation, never one to be offended by a woman's rebuff (he's got to be used to it, right?), takes Bristol's pro-abstinence position in stride, praising her: "I totally respect that. And I totally respect abstinence. I mean it actually has the word 'abs' in it!"

And then he shows her his condom collection. I guess that's responsible? The Situation, gentleman that he is, even offers to share his prophylactic wealth with Bristol. She declines.

The video ends (mercifully) with some playful exchange on what I'm guessing is The Candie's Foundation's motto. It involves an acronym, so I've already forgotten it. But, thanks to The Situation, I know it's a little like "PB & J."

Want to watch the video in all its glory?

Just a warning: if the overuse of the word "situation" bothers you, stay away. The 18 references in less than two minutes might just make your head explode.

(Image and video courtesy of The Candie's Foundation via YouTube)