'Dance Moms' Season 3 Premiere Preview: Looks Like Lots of Bitching and Drama to Come
'Dance Moms' Season 3 Premiere Preview: Looks Like Lots of Bitching and Drama to Come
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dance Moms season 3 premieres on New Year's Day, Tuesday January 1, 2013 with a special 90-minute episode called "The Beginning of the End" at 9:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime.  

Before the premiere, Lifetime will air a preview special episode called "The Smoke Before the Fire." The preview episode airs at 8:00pm and during it, Abby and the moms will take the stage together, giving a unique window into what's to come in America's favorite dancing docuseries. While the ladies dish, their daughters will perform some of their favorite choreography selected especially for the special. 

As for the premiere episode, we're promised quite a bit of drama in that one as well. Here is the official episode description from the network:

In this 90-minute premiere of season three, the new competition season is underway, but Abby is extremely disappointed in the girls because they blew off dance class during the break. So, Abby holds an open audition to bring new blood to the team hoping to replace Brooke and Paige and teach the girls a lesson. To everyone's dismay, Abby welcomes new dancer Ally and new mom Shelly to the group. The whole team misses Kelly, Brooke and Paige, but they soldier on to compete at In10sity Dance in Denver.  Abby also pits Chloe and Maddie head-to-head, putting a lot of pressure on Chloe who just beat Maddie out of a national title.

There's also a Dance Moms season 3 preview video, though it doesn't offer a whole heck of a lot in the way of info about what we'll see this season. Still, it's worth the watch, if only to see Abby doing some pretty awesome head-bopping (we can't really call that dancing, can we?).

Between the preview special, the preview video and the description the season premiere, it looks like this just might end up being the wildest season of Dance Moms yet. Plus, if you check out the Dance Moms season 3 premiere photos, you can see that nearly every mom is looking just as grumpy and bitchy as ever. You can also see that Abby has chosen some really odd costumes for the girls to wear again. Though I do have to admit that every time I have thought her strange costumes, bizarre music and weird dances would lose, they end up winning. So who knows what will happen with this particular dance. 

What do you think after watching the video, checking out the pics and reading up on what Dance Moms has in store for us on premiere day? Are you planning on checking out the preview episode as well as the 90-minute premiere? What do you think your favorite parts are going to be: the dances or the fights?

Dance Moms airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. 

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