'Dance Moms' Roundup: Who's In and Who's Out of the ALDC?
'Dance Moms' Roundup: Who's In and Who's Out of the ALDC?
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Viewers of Dance Moms are very much in need of a crystal ball this year. Not only have we seen what Abby Lee Miller is capable of when it comes to Maddie, we've seen that her treatment of parents and students is getting more and more out of control with favoritism playing a key role. While I don't condone the actions of any of the moms on Dance Moms, I see their frustration and feel their pain over the treatment their daughters must endure at competitions and in rehearsals. Holly seems to be the one that is the most in denial after hearing some of the remarks made by Abby said at the May reunion show. So is it any surprise that the dance community and Internet is buzzing over comments and actions related to Dance Moms?

I'm going to give you some facts and some gossip I have picked up on the Internet and Twitter regarding some of the real happenings and drama behind the scenes that is happening with Dance Moms. I welcome your comments - especially if you have more details. The things listed as "fact" are things that are appearing on the web from news sites and that I can confirm. The items listed as rumors are stories appearing on the dance boards and the Facebook Dance Moms site that I haven't been able to collaborate from a source, so here goes!

Fact: Abby Lee Miller is looking for a new studio in LA and loves the thought of silken ropes (why?). Not only did she show the search on Dance Moms but she left no doubt that she's a Beverly Hills type of person.

Fact: More and more people are complaining about Abby's treatment of the girls at the competitions. Guess that bad behavior both inside and outside the dressing room is catching up with her. While Abby and the Dance Moms cast are getting the admiration Abby wants, she also is getting some hecklers (chiefly as we've seen from the Apple Core parents)!

Fact: Abby called out "Honey Boo-Boo" about her appearance. Excuse me Abby, don't throw stones! When did you get permission to take jabs at children who are not on your show. Once again, you push the button in regard to your comments!

Fact: If Abby moves to Los Angeles, Melissa will not be far behind. Reality Tea picked up an article from OK magazine that Melissa is willing to consider her options (which is moving) to the City of Angels to keep Maddie in Abby's professional development scheme and make both children a star.

Fact: At the June 30 (2013) Master Class Abby taught in Orlando, only Maddie, MacKenzie, Nia, and Kendall participated. There was no mention of Paige, Brooke or Chloe.

Gossip: While the Internet has been abuzzed with rumors that the competitions that Abby Lee Dance Center attends are "staged" or "invitational," we can get no firm confirmation on this. I do know from reading various boards, that some of the competitions the girls have attended has had the audience purchase tickets!

Gossip: Brooke and Paige are no longer part of the Dance Moms group. They seem to have disappeared around mid-June with FACT Payton now a part of the squad. This was mentioned on the Lifetime Dance Moms Facebook page.

Gossip: Lifetime has had brochures out at competitions looking for a new Dance Moms studio!

Share your opinions: Is the show slipping off the radar?

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