'Dance Moms' Reunion Recap: Survival of the Fitness
'Dance Moms' Reunion Recap: Survival of the Fitness
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms is another reunion show, and it seems like they have had as many of these as regular episodes. Hopefully, after this many episodes, we will learn if there will be a fourth season next year with the beautiful girls, our favorite moms and their arrogant teacher.

The reunion host is once again executive producer Jeff Collins, who is joined by Abby in the hot seat as the show opens. Collins hints that some moms may not return. Immediately, they go to the infamous Dance Moms fight in Jackson Square. Abby looks disgusted and complains that the moms should have been grateful to her and they destroyed her reputation.

Leslie and Christie are invited to the stage after not meeting since that episode filmed. After talk of police involvement, Leslie tells Christie that she always thinks of herself as a victim. Christie accuses Leslie of being involved in fights before. And they are off on who started the fight. Video shows Christie hitting Leslie's glass, but Leslie (to me) threw the most punches.

Abby sits there, nods, then explains that the situation is covered under her contract. She tells Collins that a situation like this will never happen again. Leslie apologized to Abby and the group, while Christie hasn't. The host shows further footage of what happened, with production keeping the two separate and Christie calling the police to report an assault. Christie tells us that the police wanted charges filed. Leslie resents that the Dance Moms stick together, while all have the same opportunity. Christie's issue with Leslie is that she is very aggressive and "in your face."

Asia and MacKenzie then perform "We Hit Harder."

Kristie Ray now joins the group to talk about the alliances and the incident. She says that she stuck up for Leslie because she was not there to defend herself and each mom had a different story. Christie tells us that Kristie has made it a point to destroy a 12 year relationship and she has no heart. Kristie accuses the moms of being manipulative. Leslie appreciates Kristie's defense.

When talk turns to who will return, Kelly joins the group. She is described as being the most defiant. She tells us she is not going to put up with Abby's attitude anymore. Her children are going to have to miss rehearsals sometimes because of Brooke's music and Paige's modeling. Abby talks of Brooke's talent and not wanting her to be a one-hit wonder.

The recital fight between Abby and Kelly is shown. During the clip, when Kelly gets upset and tells Abby off, Abby tells someone to call the police. She explains that the solo was supposed to make Paige shine. We then are reminded of Kelly coming to the Orlando competition and trying to join the moms. Collins tells us that production told him she stood there for 30 minutes. Abby complains that the judges turned to watch the struggle.

The next number is "Gone too Soon."

The host turns the discussion to Kelly sneaking back to the studio. She returned because her girls are part of the team, but Leslie disagrees. It seems Payton was uncomfortable. Abby sees Kelly as the only person responsible. As the two disagree, Abby leaves after the discussion of calling Kelly a whacko.

Jill, Melissa and Holly join the group next. They are asked about Abby's disappearance from the competition. Holly explains that they were upset because Abby didn't call anyone to explain. Leslie again takes the opportunity to make the moms look bad. Collins mentions that Abby missed two competitions and they have a picture of her judging a competition for money.

Talk then turns to Hollywood, and Christie explains that the moms decided as a group not to go to LA, but Melissa and Maddie went anyway. Kristie says that Melissa was the smart one. Holly points out that Melissa should have been honest with the moms. Melissa explains that she broke the pact because her daughter wants to dance professionally and she doesn't like her husband being brought into the dance conversation.

Christie also accuses Holly and Jill of trying to stay in Abby's good graces. Jill would have gone to LA if Kendall had been asked to dance. Holly says that parents must be upfront about their actions because of the girls. The moms must "practice what they preach."

Collins then brings up all the confrontations between the moms. Kristie is asked about Jill being pushy. She sees Jill as miserable and goes on the defensive since she's being accused of using the team. Leslie jumps in and points out that the moms don't want any newcomer to join the group. The host points out that Leslie and Holly have different parenting techniques.

Holly's clip saying she's "raising people" and wanting Nia "to be able to look in the mirror" is shown. Leslie is accused of calling Holly a soft mom. Leslie turns to her and says that her goal is to get Payton ahead. Holly responds that she's there to equip her children for the future.

Maddie then performs "Drowning."

Kelly is asked to leave so they can hear Abby's side. I think it is safe to assume that Kelly won't be back. Abby tells us that Kelly sees herself as the victim and that she made herself the wedge in their relationship. Collins brings up the fact that the moms complain about Abby always walking out. She admits it. When she's absent, the girls don't have anyone to lead. Abby tells all that she's put her life and aspirations on the back burner for the kids. Holly understands but feels that the kids need a reason.

Abby reveals big news that for next season, she will be holding nationwide auditions at open meetings after the competitions. Jill looks worried, and Abby tells us it is because Kendall didn't attend booty camp.

Brooke ends the show by performing "I Hurt" as a solo instead of a dance.

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