'Dance Moms' Recap: Win or You're Out
'Dance Moms' Recap: Win or You're Out
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms again looks to be Abby-less as she takes the necessary time to be with her mother. Most viewers know what Abby is going through with her mother's approaching death, but will her reaction be over-the-top? Will she be in grief mode this week? Will she make a student a target on which to vent her frustration? It's going to be a rough episode for Abby, the moms and the kids.

Studio Life

The snow of Pittsburgh has not brought joy to the studio. Abby's mom is ill, but she's still at the studio. Next week, Abby's new team arrives, which is not-so-wonderful news for a team that has won 13 first-places.

Ah, the pyramid with Nia on the bottom. Abby takes the opportunity to announce that not everyone will be in the group number. So third and second aren't good enough as Kendall joins Nia. What, Kalani is also there? Kira has just bought a clue and realizes that the pyramid has nothing to do with the results. Maddie is on the top because she made a lasting impression with the judges. How?

Masters of Dance will be where they pay tribute to Abby's mom. Maddie is doing "Come to the Cabaret" and must be stellar. The second solo is for Chloe ("Friday Night"). The group routine will be "Amazing Grace" and Mackenzie will not be in it. They're reworking Maddie's routine into a group routine (rehash). Abby demands everything be flawless this week.

Mackenzie and Abby go to prepare for the video shoot. Chloe works on her '50s piece with a new choreographer. Christi sees that not being in the video gives Chloe more time to practice this week.

At Melissa's, the video is going strong. Our moms are there with other moms from the studio who want their daughters on the junior team. With the anger our moms feel about Abby's chosen pyramid, this isn't a good day to compare dancers. While Mackenzie is enjoying the shoot, the moms declare war. Abby leans over the balcony to listen and she's gloating. Holly sees the other moms are getting under Melissa's skin. So true, Holly. Melissa calls 911 on Christy (with a y) when she starts saying her daughter Sarah is better than Mackenzie.

Abby is running Maddie's solo and thinks she is a musical theater star. Upstairs, Christi tells the moms that Chloe had two private classes cancelled. What? Chloe has a solo and Abby let this happen? Christi sees Abby as not caring and Christi feels the same way.

The group dance is rehearsed and Maddie has the lead. Guess who Abby isn't happy with? Nia. I feel for this kid. Abby sends Nia after Holly then tells Gia that Nia is sloppy. Holly is at the not-caring stage also and doesn't go down until Abby presses the issue. When Christi asks what Abby wants, Melissa answers, "Blood." This came from Melissa? I thought she was Abby's best friend. On returning upstairs, Holly tells the others that it is "pick on Nia" week and any of the others could be next. Holly isn't happy with Abby picking on a helpless kid.

Melissa has gotten a call from the owner of Larkin Studio. This team is a powerhouse and will be at the competition. The moms don't think the group routine can't win. Adding to that, Abby tells everyone that her mother doesn't have much longer. She won't be at the competition. Abby tells the girls to live every day to the fullest. Nia says that she feels bad for the Millers and wants to do her best.

Masters of Dance

The moms are in the dressing room worrying about the Larkin Studio and next week's pyramid. While Christi sees Chloe as being bullied by Abby, Jill doesn't see it. Of course, Jill won't if it provides an opening for Kendall. When Kira chimes in, Christi reminds her that Kalani has taken Chloe's place in the duets. Holly points out they should be a team. Christi tells the moms what I think we all see: the girls are no longer a team.

Before performing, Maddie admits to being nervous. As she takes the stage, she does show maturity and does a wonderful job. For once, I actually like her facials (no fake smile). Next up is Chloe, and Christi fears that Chloe is worried about her place on the team. The dance is okay but not what Chloe does best.

As the girls return to prepare for the group dance, the moms offer encouragement. Abby calls Melissa as they prepare. Holly tries to give the girls a pep talk, but Gia has to remind them of the new team. Who is Gia? Debby Downer (yep)?

Larkin Studios takes the stage and are older than Abby's girls. Their dance is lyrical and does look elegant with ballet elements. As Abby's girls take the stage, we see the other group's maturity becoming a factor. While beautiful, Abby's girls don't have the ballet element that Larkin had.


Chloe gets fifth place and Christi feels that the dance was for Mrs. Miller. Larkin takes second, third and fourth, with Maddie receiving first. Do I see a trend here? In the group dance, Abby's group gets second and the moms are worried. Holly sees Nia as being blamed. Larkin gets first.

In the dressing room, Kira points out that the Larkin dancers are older than Abby's. Gia calls Abby to tell her the results. The moms aren't happy with this. Abby tells them that she's not disappointed. Melissa tells us that next week Abby will be mad at the girls. Gia thinks that next week will be chaos.

At the end, we get a tribute to Abby's mom.

During next week's episode, Abby talks about her mom's death and she brings in the new team. Oh great, we have a fight with Kira mixing it up. 

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