'Dance Moms' Recap: New Hairdo, New Jill?
'Dance Moms' Recap: New Hairdo, New Jill?
Jill isn't fooling anyone with her new blonde 'do when she storms into the Abby Lee studio almost forcing Abby to put Kendall back on the team. Excuse me, have you meet Abby? In what world would she think it's acceptable to walk into a rehearsal and interrupt the class during pyramid time. I'd say this was a pretty terrible way to try and start off on the right foot with Abby, and I wouldn't be surprised if she never lets Kendall back on the team purely based on Jill's attitude.

I know I wouldn't miss hearing her voice or watching her ruin her daughter's dance career every week. Poor Kendall, if she didn't have her mom's loud mouth following her around, she probably would have never left Abby's studio in the first place. Will Abby be the bigger person and decide to forgive and forget? Or will she throw Jill and Kendall out to teach them a lesson about loyalty? Let's jump right into tonight's episode and find out!

The Diva Dancer

Maddie gets quite an honor this week when she is chosen by the casting director of Drop Dead Diva to play a starring role in one of their upcoming episodes. I can't say I'm really surprised that she nailed the audition because she is a great dancer and actress, but I do think that the moms' gossip goes a little too far when they accuse the audition of being rigged in Maddie's favor. I can understand how it would be difficult to watch her succeed in almost everything she does in the dance world, but how can you get mad at a young girl or her mom for being a great performer? I don't even know how an audition like that could possibly be rigged, so I think the moms just need to suck it up and just be happy for Maddie.
Solo Star Power

I don't think I can really call this week's routine a 'group' dance because Abby ends up cutting half of the group out of it, but their vampire inspired dance features Brooke, Chloe, Maddie and one of Abby's older male dancers. It was a great number and definitely went along with our pop culture's obsession with vampires, and Abby was thrilled when it took home the first place win. But the real stars this week? Nia, Maddie and Paige who all had solos. Finally Nia is given another chance to shine, and even after Paige's mom tried to change her choreography last time, Abby still gave her an opportunity in the spotlight. All three tiny dancers made their coach proud and they all finished within the top ten in the competition.

As much as Jill kept pushing Kendall down Abby's throat, it should come as no surprise that Abby doesn't respond well to pressure. Despite showing up at rehearsals and the competition, Abby does not put Kendall in the number, let alone back on the team. It's obvious that Jill has a lot of kissing up to do before Abby will even consider putting her daughter back with her other girls, and I don't think the other moms will be too happy if Jill comes back for good. What do you think of tonight's episode? Do you think the Diva audition was rigged in Maddie's favor? Leave your comments and come back next week for all of your Dance Moms drama!

Kathryn MacDougall
Contributing Writer

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