'Dance Moms' Recap: Moms Know Best and Abby Could Care Less
'Dance Moms' Recap: Moms Know Best and Abby Could Care Less
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms promises drama as Abby returns with the theme of "On Again, Off Again Abby." With a title like that, I have to wonder if Abby is off more than on or if that's just the moms' opinion. I'm sure they will not be happy when the pyramid resurfaces as Abby's been simmering about the defeat (as she sees it) for two weeks! Of course, after last week's, the moms have a wrath of anger heading straight for Abby.

We open the episode with Melissa visiting Abby at her home. Abby says that her mother is in pain and that she is going to follow her needs and doesn't care about what Maddie wants; Abby tells Melissa that they kept her dad on life support during the recital and Melissa cries.

The moms and girls are in the dressing room, and everyone knows that Melissa was at Abby's. Gianna comes in and announces Chloe's ("Too Late") solo and Asia (and then with MacKenzie) will have a duet ("We Try Harder"). Maddie will be featured in the group dance. Jill is upset because there are only three dances. Holly voices the concern of all that Abby's choices for Nationals will be based on only two weeks of performances. Melissa knows Maddie will have a solo. While this is going on, the wicked witch -- err, Kathy -- is meeting with her team, and Zack is back from working professionally.

Anthony is missing and this seems to upset Cathy even though he's not producing. This week, Cathy is determined that she will win. Both groups will be in West Virginia at a Masters of Dance Competition. Cathy is putting Zack up against Chloe.

The Dance Moms slip away for lunch to celebrate Kelly's return. Talk turns to Abby and Kelly's feelings that Abby is not coming because of Paige and Brooke. The girls rehearse and things seem peaceful, but Melissa is missing Abby. Gianna is still rehearsing the girls, but the moms feel that Abby should be there.

In Ohio, the Apples are rehearsing "Phoenix Rising," a contemporary piece. Cathy feels she doesn't need Anthony and can lead the group to victory. Hadley's mom (Yvette) takes the opportunity to help Kathy. Back at Abby's studio, everyone seems more peaceful and productive. Christie feels that things have been better with Abby gone. Just as the thought gets out, Abby enters and Paige and Brooke are not pleased.

Abby returns with a smile, but Jill knows this could be a problem. Abby is determined to work the girls because they are lazy.The group number, 'Black and White," is under Abby's scrutiny, and she immediately finds things she doesn't like. The moms come down to talk to Abby and want to know why she wasn't there last week. Abby, of course, gets defensive and starts in on the walkout. Christi takes the bait and calls Abby a god.

In Ohio, Zack practices his solo called "Rescue." Abby is back in control and Asia and MacKenzie practice. Abby tells us that Asia will be doing a solo at MacKenzie's expense and the Asia/MacKenzie battle intensifies.

The groups travel to the comp and are greeted by fans. When both get there at the same time, a word fight erupts. Abby isn't in the dressing room and Gia is in charge. The girls comes out in their costumes and the Apples are getting ready in their dressing room with Yvette being encouraging, which upsets Cathy. Gia offers encouragement and we start the comp. The two groups of parents sit near each other in the audience and words are exchanged.

As each performs, the tension builds. Asia and MacKenzie do a good job, and Zack takes the stage also doing well. Chloe takes the stage for a beautiful performance. Before the group dance, the teams' moms square off again, with Yvette getting upset because she gets no credit for helping Cathy. Cathy and Yvette talk in the hall, with Cathy hating the drama. The Apples go first with their unique contemporary piece. Abby's group takes the stage and performs contemporary as well.

At awards, Asia and MacKenzie get a first, Zack places second and Chloe gets first. In the group awards, Cathy again loses to Abby's group, which thrills our Dance Moms but upsets Cathy. Of course, our group visits Kathy's and Kathy walks out as the words fly. Still no Abby when they return to the dressing room, and Melissa calls her only to have Abby hang up on her.

The girls will go to Regionals then Nationals!

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