'Dance Moms' Recap: Jersey Nights and Nothing's Right
'Dance Moms' Recap: Jersey Nights and Nothing's Right
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms promises to be an epic episode as Chloe Nguyen joins the team. Will she fit in with the girls? How will her mom deal with the originals? We all know that New Jersey competitions seem to bring out the worse in Abby. Wonder what it will be this time around.

Pittsburgh and Lines Drawn

The episode opens with Abby reminding the girls that the "face of the team" will change with the addition of a new Chloe and her mom, Kim. In Orlando, the new Chloe was invited to dance next to Maddie. This week's Stage America competition is in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Mackenzie, Brooke, Paige and Kendall are on the bottom row. Old Chloe, new Chloe (because of her audition) and Maddie comprise the second row. Nia is on top of the pyramid for a change and we all celebrate. Nia will do a jazz duet with Kendall to "Pieces Together." The group routine will be "Why Not Me?" Our Chloe will be performing "Seeing Red." The new one will be doing "The First Day." Melissa is already upset because Maddie didn't get a solo (so what else is new?). Battle lines are being drawn!

Upstairs, the moms try to find out about the new mom, Kim. She works in a plastic surgeon's office, and Melissa turns nasty commenting that it shows in Kim's face.

They watch the solo routines while the original moms question the choice of soloists. Kim sees the moms as ruthless and being there only for their girls. Excuse me, not at competitions! Kelly asks if Abby is better than Vegas. Kim goes and tells her daughter to take over (and she's not in it for her daughter?). Kim and her daughter are as bad as Jill with gifts.

Abby is using the group dance to see if the new Chloe will fit in with the girls who have danced together since childhood. Abby tells us that new Chloe needs to become part of the dance company. While Abby is using Chloe to challenge Maddie, Holly and Jill wonder about the duet. When they question Abby, we learn that Abby could care less about Nia and Kendall.

Kim questions the wisdom of Holly and Jill going downstairs, and the rest of our moms wonder why she is passing judgment. Christi immediately lets us know that Kim is in it for herself. Wonder what Christi would say if she knew what Kim said about the originals!

While the rehearsals are going on, Kim receives a call from the Vegas studio owner who calls Abby "Flabby." Kim has it on speaker phone so all the moms hear the ugly comments being made about Abby's team. The original moms call Kim rude and Melissa is mad. Christi tells us that it's one day to the competition and no duet has been staged. Nia and Kendall finally get to practice, but Abby is too busy on the phone. Jill complains about the treatment of the girls. Downstairs, Abby tells Jill and Holly that the duet is being pulled, which leave Kendall and Nia upset.

New Jersey's Competition

In the dressing room, Abby reminds our Chloe about losing the hat last year. As all the original moms work, Kim watches and seems helpless because she's not used to having to help her daughter prepare for the performance. Melissa does help, though. When Holly asks about the duet (and Kelly points out Abby's attitude), Abby lashes out at any mention of the dance. She challenges the old Chloe to be the best she can be while the new Chloe should shows that she is there to stay.

First up: Nia and Kendall perform "Pieces Together." For a lack of practice (17 minutes, as Abby tells us), the routine looks good and the girls seem to be in tune with each other. Next up is old Chloe and Abby's face tells us she is looking for faults. Chloe does command the stage and the routine looks clean. Her facials are fantastic.

Maddie is giving new Chloe a pep talk before she goes on stage. Our Chloe does offer a good luck hug as new Chloe takes the stage. I look at new Chloe and think, is that Maddie on stage? What gives? New Chloe has a fallout but has a certain amount of maturity on stage. Oh, she loses her hairpiece. Abby notices and is upset.

In the dressing room, Kim accuses the moms (Melissa) of setting new Chloe up to lose her hair piece. Of course, Abby comes in and starts in on Kim, who is disappointed that her daughter didn't get a learning curve. Abby is just upset about everything.

The group takes the stage for "Why Not Me," with Brooke in the center. There is a definite '40s feel to this number, which looks good, but Abby doesn't seem impressed.

In the dressing room, Kim announces that her Chloe had an off day. She calls being with the original moms in Pittsburgh slumming. Seems Kim is ready to leave the ship before it sinks! Holly informs her that she doesn't live in the slums and can't identify with that statement. Holly tells her that team includes everyone and all echo that the group works as a team.

Kim informs the moms that she has better places to be and waits outside the dressing room. Meeting Abby, she doesn't like the moms or the travel. The moms tell Abby what Kim said about slumming and Abby turns on Kim. When the girls arrive, Abby tells them they did well but the feet could have been better.

At awards, old Chloe's "Seeing Red" comes in fourth place. New Chloe's "The First Day" comes in second. The duet comes in third. In the small groups, Abby gets first place.

In the dressing room, Abby doesn't let the kids in. She tells Kim that Chloe would have been a shoo-in if her Chloe had won and not lost her hair piece. Kim asks for another week and Abby says, "I don't know." When Holly points out that the duet only had 17 minutes to learn the routine, Abby tells her that Nia and Kendall didn't warrant more time.

Next week on Dance Moms, Abby promises a second team to challenge the originals. And Kelly and Abby get into a fight. 

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