'Dance Moms' Recap: Holly Gets Detention
'Dance Moms' Recap: Holly Gets Detention
The episode kicks off with a blowout between Holly and Abby Lee which lands Nia and her mom in dance detention. The most ridiculous thing is that the argument starts when the two actually AGREE that Nia should be Paige's replacement in the trio with Chloe and Maddie. True, maybe Holly shouldn't have interrupted the class, but in the end there is actually no disagreement between them, and poor Nia is forced to storm off with her mom. Will this be the end of another one of Abby's dancers? Let's dive into the rest of the episode and find out!

Fun in the Sun

The girls prepare a 1960s-inspired beach routine to take to Miami, and when they are asked to channel their inner Annette Funicello, they are understandably confused. I'm not sure we have any stars today who promote "good clean fun" quite like they did back in the 60's. At least they get a chance to have some fun for once on the beach ... until they have to do fifty push-ups in the sand as punishment for not watching one of Annette's classic films. Finally, Abby lets loose and basks in the sun while the girls get to splash around before preparations for the competition must commence. Oh, and don't worry, we didn't lose our most level-headed mom for good - Holly and Nia are back after cooling off, and Nia is here to stay!

The dance is charming and appropriate for the location, but unfortunately the girls only secure third place. At least this time Abby was a little more forgiving with their bronze medal finish because of the older competitors and noticeable talent. I'm not worried though, I'm sure they'll come back with a first place soon enough.

A Dancer's Worst Fear

I thought Paige's plantar warts were the worst thing to hit a dancer this week because it threatened her chances to perform in the trio ... until Nia completely freezes during her solo and runs off stage in Miami. Like Holly, my heart ached for Nia, but she proved herself to be a true dancer when she comes back and even takes third place in solos overall. It is truly impressive that she had the courage to try again after such an uncomfortable moment. I really hope Abby recognizes this and puts her a little bit higher on the pyramid next week.

Trouble with Melissa

Melissa has been flying under the radar lately and hasn't been stirring up any trouble with Abby ... until next week. It looks like she will be behind all the drama next episode and I can't wait to see what it's all about! What did you think of tonight's competition? Will Abby put Nia higher up on the pyramid next week? Will Melissa be the next mom to leave the studio for good? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV next week for your Dance Moms recap!

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