'Dance Moms' Recap: Dancing with the Dead
'Dance Moms' Recap: Dancing with the Dead
As a representation of how she thinks her tiny dancers act, Abby choreographs a zombie themed routine this week in hopes the girls might liven up a bit on stage. The living dead dancers head to Energy Dance in Chicago for their latest competition, but with the pending blow up between Kelly and Abby, I'm not sure if Brooke and Paige will make it to the windy city. Let's twirl right into tonight's episode and see how it all pans out!

Keeping the Top Spot

Even after last competition's disappointing performances, Abby puts Chloe back on top of the pyramid and gives her another solo. Mackenzie and Nia get a circus inspired acro dance, which by the way, may be one of the cutest dances I've ever seen. I'm not a big fan of the circus, but Mackenzie is adorable as a lion and she and Nia were in sync the whole time. They deserve the first place trophy that they win!

Maddie's Come-back

It's strange not seeing Maddie and Chloe duke it out for the top spot, but it's nice to see others be offered solos. Maddie is still a beautiful dancer, but even the best needs a break. But then - surprise, surprise Melissa convinces Maddie to ask Abby to let her have a solo right before the competition starts and she is all too willing to oblige. Somehow I think that if another girl did this, Abby would have shot them down in a minute. I don't really like some of the moms this week, but in this case I'd be pissed too. Granted, Maddie went out there and not only performed, but danced through her CD skipping and took home a second place trophy. She is definitely on her way to proving her worth again to Abby.

Mean Girls

In no way does Abby qualify to be called a nice person, but in this episode the moms cross the line. She may be tough, but even Abby has a heart. It's awful that any time one of the moms (in particular Kelly) gets really worked up, they take a shot at Abby's weight. Her size has absolutely nothing to do with why you are upset, so why go there? These mothers get so frazzled any time Abby says something they don't agree with, yet they turn around and insult her in one of the worst ways possible. Next time, they need to focus on arguing about whatever the issue is, not making low blows on someone's appearance.

Abby's New Costume Designer

One of the real stars this week is Holly who is put in charge of making all of the zombie costumes and executes them flawlessly. Of course Abby is all too happy to delegate the time consuming task to Holly because "she's not working anymore and has all the time in the world." I feel bad for Holly, but she handles it like a champ. The costumes are great and the girls take the gold!

Next week Abby threatens Kelly with expulsion, and there may be a cheating scandal in our midst. What do you think of tonight's episode? Should Abby have let Maddie do her solo at the last minute? Did Holly do a good job on the costumes? Do you think Melissa is still kissing up to Abby? Leave your comments and come back next week for all of your Dance Moms drama!

Kathryn MacDougall
Contributing Writer

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