'Dance Moms' Recap: Cathy's Boys Make a Clean Sweep
'Dance Moms' Recap: Cathy's Boys Make a Clean Sweep
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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The competition's reached a fever pitch between the Abby Lee Dance Company and the Candy Apple's Dance Center. Cathy's back this week and determined to oust Abby's girls from the winner's circle. She's picked a great moment to strike, too. The group is distracted by newcomer Asia and her mom, Kristie, while Abby's still mourning the loss of her dog, Broadway Baby. With chaotic conditions at the ALDC, Cathy is able to prep her boys for a winning number.

Broadway Taxidermy

It's been a few weeks since Abby's beloved pup, Broadway Baby, left the world for that giant dog park in the sky. Abby's still feeling the sting of loss, though. It makes sense. Losing a pet (especially a dog) is devastating since they really are like family. I'll assume the bond between owner and pup must be even greater when the owner is single, childless and married to her work. Since that's the case here, I can see how the death of her dog would be a lot to handle. 

Preserving the pet through a taxidermist doesn't seem like the healthiest way to cope, though. I'm surprised that Abby would consider it -- and even more surprised that Melissa would eagerly lend her stamp of approval. Maybe she's trying to cement Mackenzie's place on the team despite the newest tiny dancer? (More on that in a minute.) For whatever reason, Melissa points Abby in the direction of a taxidermist who promises to "keep those memories fresh" by stuffing her pooch like a hunting trophy. Surrounded by zebra and moose heads, Abby smiles, "Broadway Baby will be with me forever." So, so gross. 

An Exotic New Dancer

In other news, Abby's accepted a new dancer to the ALDC. Asia is tiny but ferocious, ready to collect all the top prizes and keep the other girls on their toes. Abby tells the group she's bringing Asia on board to foster a better sense of competition, hoping that Asia will challenge the girls and make them better. Asia's mom, Kristie, says that Asia just fell in love with Abby and her abusive teaching style, which I assume means that Kristie and Asia just want to be on TV, along with every other mom who signed up for this crazy show. 

Anyway, the new girl stirs up the same old trouble that new girls always do. The moms are threatened by the newcomers and try to drive them away. They make rude, snarky comments, warn Kristie of the $100,000 penalty for breaking contract and tell her where she can and can't sit on the bus. Kristie's having none of it, tells everyone she can afford that $100,000 penalty just fine and she's happy to bite back if bitches step up. Unlike some of the other new moms, I think Kristie can actually hold her own with this group. Old Christi may have some competition with this one!

If anyone should be threatened by Asia's presence, it's Melissa and Mackenzie. Asia and Mack are about the same age and size, and while Mackenzie can be silly and easily distracted, Asia's got her eyes on the prize. That said, Asia and Mackenzie have greater differences than just intensity. While Mack's got the cute act down pat, Asia's dancing style is more, ahem, mature--even by Dance Moms standards. Asia wins first place for her solo this week, but she also seems to make the audience uncomfortable with dance moves meant more for a rap video than a children's stage performance. I'd personally prefer to see Mackenzie's lemonade sweetness than Asia's exotic dance, but somehow, Asia snags that gold medal -- the only one Abby's team collects this week.     

The Clean Sweep  

While the fur flies at the ALDC, Cathy diligently preps her Apple Cores for success, even hiring a friend of Abby's as a professional choreographer. John and Abby kiss kiss at the competition like Hollywood starlets, and Abby doesn't feel threatened for a second. She's prepared her girls with dance routines that she describes as "fresh," "pretty," "clean" and "wholesome," which describes every ALDC performance except for Asia's winning dance. The rest of the lovely ladies take second place to Cathy's dancers, who take first place for their "Latin Fire" tango and a show-stopping, street sweeping group number that gets a perfect score. Christi admits that the boys' group dance is "exquisite," and I have to agree.

Backstage, Cathy stirs the pot with Abby. (Can this woman ever win gracefully?) She gloats about her clean sweep and asks Abby's dance moms, "Does anyone have a broom?" Then, to Christi: "You may have one." Well, yeah. It takes a witch to know one.

Abby goes off in her usual fashion, calling Cathy an embarrassment to the world and her family, saying that Cathy is dirt under her feet and vowing not to lose a moment of sleep over the Candy Apples. Cathy doesn't walk in Abby's circle or live in her world. It's funny how someone who barely exists to Abby can take up so much of her mental space.

Obviously, the rivalry between Abby and Cathy is still in full force, and it won't be cooling down anytime soon. More importantly, the competition among dancers is challenging the kids to bring their best dance moves, pushing them to new heights and preparing them for futures in the spotlight, and that, at least, is something to be excited about.

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