'Dance Moms' Recap: Cathy's Ambitions Turn to Applesauce
'Dance Moms' Recap: Cathy's Ambitions Turn to Applesauce
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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In another very special two-hour episode of Dance Moms, Abby once again uses social causes to choreograph a number. Unlike last week's confusing "Don't Ask, Just Tell," though, "Rosa Parks" actually works. It's a great week to come up with a winning routine, too. Victory is especially sweet when Abby's crushing Cathy's apples. Girls may be "a dime a dozen" at competitions, as everyone on Dance Moms keep telling us, but when they dance a perfect ten, it doesn't really matter if the boys try to win.

Lost and Found in Translation

The show begins with Abby placing Nia at the top of the pyramid and then announcing that this week's group number is inspired by Rosa Parks, a brave catalyst for a civil rights movement. Nia and Holly glow with the news -- that is, until Abby announces that she has "no idea who will play Rosa Parks" in the group dance of, like, ten little blond girls and one African American. Everyone laughs, and Abby privately admits in an interview that she obviously plans to give Nia the role. She just wants to foster a little healthy competition among the girls. Oh, and stir up drama. And offend viewers with the very notion of Chloe playing the role of Rosa Parks. That Abby! She really knows how to hit so many birds with just one stone. 

While almost every mom and child agrees that Nia should have the part, Jill believes that Kendall should have a shot. She's already gotten dirty looks for bringing new head-shots of Kendall to pyramid. Now she's really convincing the moms that she's crazy. Once Jill bribes Abby with a necklace, it's three strikes for Jill. She's been exposed as a suck-up. Not that that will stop her. 

Eventually, Abby admits the obvious: Nia will portray Rosa Parks. As the girls begin practicing the routine, Holly laments that Abby's theme dances tend to get a little lost in translation, veering away from the subject at hand. While that may be true at first, the dance really comes together by the time the girls perform at the competition. Nia gives a stunning performance, and the group overall is showstopping. They win first place, and the prize is very much deserved.    

Broadway Blondes or Vegas Showgirls?

In other casting controversies, Abby puts tweens Chloe and Paige in a weirdly mature number called "Broadway Blondes." The moms notice that with the music, choreography and very skimpy costumes, the girls seem more like Vegas showgirls than Broadway performers. On top of that disturbingly trashy theme, Abby offends Kelly with her casting rationale. Paige has never been a great dancer, Abby admits, but now that Chloe's fallen from grace, the two girls are fit to dance a duet together. 

While her reasoning is harsh, Abby still does her best to prep the dancers. She works individually with Paige, giving her constructive criticism and some much-needed cheerleading. Kelly and Paige both respond well to this, and the coaching pays off. The two take first place for their duet efforts. 
Sticks, Stones and Silence

For a two-hour episode featuring a showdown between the Abby Lee Dance Company and Cathy's Candy Apples, there's surprisingly little fighting between the groups. I mean, relatively speaking, that is. Water was thrown and purses were swung last time the groups got together. This time, the ladies throw a few barbed words without much effect. Cathy insults Jill, so Christi offers up, "Maybe if I throw a stick, she'll leave." Cathy responds, "I'm not the one who fell down the ugly tree and got his by every branch." The women consider who among them is fit to throw stones, and it all feels a little tame compared to their last battle. 

The real competition is, as it should be, between the dancers. The boys bring out their best break dancing routine, and they're terrific! But they're still no match for Nia's brilliant "Rosa Parks" performance. Maddie and Kendall grab first and second place respectively for their solos, shutting out the Apple Cores and silencing Cathy and her dance dads. Abby is obviously thrilled with the results. Her girls take all of the top prizes, turning Cathy's ambitions to applesauce. It's a sweet week for the ALDC.

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