'Dance Moms' Recap: Broadway Baby Smiles Down on the Abby Lee Dance Company
'Dance Moms' Recap: Broadway Baby Smiles Down on the Abby Lee Dance Company
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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No matter how much viewers might love to hate Abby Lee Miller, it's hard not to sympathize with her on this week's episode of Dance Moms. The teacher lost her dog, Broadway Baby, to kidney failure, and the episode highlights Abby's mourning process. Abby's uncharacteristically sullen this week, although she does show up enough to yell at the girls and moms a few times. She's mostly teary and depressed, though. The moms, to their credit, rally behind Abby and do their best to cheer her up. And of course, the kids are sweethearts who dance a tribute to their teacher. 

Though the death of Abby's Baby casts a shadow on the episode, there are still a few characteristically dramatic Dance Moms showdowns. Kelly and Christi are still at odds, and Jill has a run-in with former ALDC mom Kaya (awkwardly known as "Black Patsy"), so there's that. Don't worry, Dance Moms fans, you still get your doses of drama.

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A Tribute to Broadway Baby

When Abby leaves work early because she's too depressed to teach, the moms and kids consider ways to cheer Abby up. The plan? Turning the group dance into a tribute to Abby and her fallen Broadway Baby. Of course, this involves changing Abby's chosen choreography and music, which irks the teacher more than it lifts her spirits. She suspects the group dance won't even place at this week's competition. Luckily, Abby is wrong. The sweet number wins the ALDC a coveted first place trophy. The group decides that Broadway Baby must be smiling down from heaven after the win. 

Kaya and Jill Face Off
Kaya, the dance mom who calls herself "Black Patsy" in honor of the infamous stage mom Patsy Ramsey, picks a fight with various members of the ALDC before being booted from the competition for fighting. Kaya goes after Holly and Nia first, then moves on to Jill and Kendall. Christi does a pretty funny impression of Jill's spirited attempts to battle Kaya. (Nobody holds a candle to Black Patsy in terms of toughness, or so Christi believes.)  Ultimately, Kaya is asked to leave, and she doesn't miss much, anyway. Nia wins third place in the solo competition, while Maddie's graceful dance wins first place. I'm sure Kaya didn't really want to watch the ALDC dominate, which it certainly did this week. 

All in all, it was a relatively low-key episode of Dance Moms. Next week should be interesting, though. Abby goes speed dating to fill the void in her social life. I don't know if anyone's man enough for Abby, but I'm looking forward to meeting the contenders. 

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