'Dance Moms' Recap: Baby's Tribute At Last
'Dance Moms' Recap: Baby's Tribute At Last
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week's Dance Moms opens with the pyramid. Surprisingly, Brooke and Paige are still there, but on the bottom with Payton (due to dressing room attitude) is Asia and MacKenzie. The middle row consists of Chloe, Maddie (because she's too perfect) and Kendall. That means that the biggest mover is Nia, and she's there because she asked Abby for corrections after the competition.

The next competition is in Orlando and all will perform the group number "On the Verge." (Like Kelly). Chloe gets a Spanish themed solo ("Fired Up") while Kendall draws a lyrical one ("Under My Spell"). The final solo goes to Nia, who will pay tribute to Broadway Baby. Abby tells the group that now is the time for the tribute. Melissa tells us that her family was close to the dog and Maddie would have loved to do the routine. We also learn that Nationals is four weeks away.

As the girls practice, the moms discuss Maddie's punishment. Melissa thinks Maddie should have been at the top, but Christie sees this for the truth -- the solo. Payton is not taking charge like Abby wants and Leslie gets upset over the correction.

Abby is at the taxidermist and missing from rehearsal. Abby's mom tells us that the dog will lie in front of the television. The Dance Moms, meanwhile, have gotten a call from Kelly inviting Holly, Jill and Christie to visit. Melissa admits to feeling hurt about not being included and Leslie wants an invitation. Abby comes in and sees problems with both the group routine and Nia's solo. Nia gets told that her solo will be pulled, but wait -- Abby tells Holly she didn't say that? I have closed captioning on and swear that's what I read.

Once back in the viewing room, Leslie claims Kelly's seat, while Abby coaches Chloe in her Latin ballet. Chloe must act mysterious and flirtatious and Abby wants her to use her face. Leslie tries to align with Kristie. When Abby doesn't like Kendall's facial expressions, she's told to get three "faces" for the performance and to use Asia as a coach.

Our Dance Moms talk to Kelly about the situation. Brooke has been recording her CD. Holly tries to be the voice of reason, but Kelly sees her in teacher mode. Christie sees that refusing to perform is no longer an option.

Abby has heard that Kelly may show up in Orlando. When Leslie learns that Kelly is there, she gets upset but Abby rules the company. Nia, Kendall and Chloe are told to look at their performances as an audition. Abby's group makes an entrance and so does Kelly. There's Dance Moms drama as Abby refuses to let Kelly join the group. Kendall performs followed by Nia, who is told to slow down. Nia gets a thumbs-up at the end from Abby for being sassy! Abby's mom gets into the drama by calling Kelly on her behavior. Chloe looks beautiful in her dance. This is the best I've seen these girls dance all season.

Kelly joins the group in the dressing room but leaves after a Leslie fight and the girls return. Maddie is asked if she misses doing a solo. Maddie does offer last-minute instructions before taking the stage. Kelly watches with the Dance Moms.

During awards, Asia and Kristie have a dance-off. The solos are announced, with Nia getting ninth, Kendall fifth and Chloe second. In the group dance, the group gets fourth. Abby isn't happy about this and Kelly, and she leaves. After awards, Leslie starts another fight and Holly points out that she'd rather know the kids are proud of themselves. Kristie appears to be heading to LA.

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