'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Away and Kelly Plays
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Away and Kelly Plays
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dance Moms opens this week's episode with the question, where did Abby go after the competition last week? Oh, that's right. She had enough and left for parts unknown. Will she be back? Of course, she's Abby Lee Miller.

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When Dance Moms opens, Gia is at the front desk and confused because she hasn't talked to Abby. When Holly asks where she is, Gia admits she hasn't talked to her. What? From everything I've head, Gia is Abby's second in command. Melissa knows what is going on and tells us that Abby's mom is very ill. Gia and Rachel leave one more message because they are unsure of costume, pyramid and Abby's desires. The good news is that there will be no pyramid and they have the music.

The girls go to the studio, and Gia and James start rehearsal.The group dance, according to the moms, is called "Abandoned," illustrating Abby's attitude to the girls; Gia tells us it is called "Just Be." All the moms know that Gia won't do anything without Abby's approval. And now new mom drama occurs between Kristie and Jill.

Christi calls Kelly and tells her Abby's away, come and play. Leslie immediately feels threatened because Christi has invited Kelly to bring her kids back. Kelly comes in with Brooke and Paige, and they are allowed to join the group dance. Gia knows, though, that this could cause trouble and make Abby mad. Leslie tells us that the competition team is a big deal for Payton, and Kelly isn't going to interfere. To prove this, Leslie starts a fight with Kelly and tells her Abby will have Kelly arrested.

Nia, Holly, Leslie and Payton arrive the next day to hear Abby hang up on Gia. They're traveling to Ohio and all nine are in the group dance. Asia (jazz) and Maddie will have solos. Brooke asks for a solo. Since she hasn't talked to Abby, Gia will not guarantee this dance. As practice starts, the moms are watching and complaining because Abby again is absent. Holly points out that Abby acted unprofessional by hanging up.

Kelly calls Abby and gets her voicemail, leaving a message about Brooke. Maddie gets the "face" lecture and must show emotion in the piece "Holding On." Melissa invites a family connected with Starbright Foundation (Lori and her daughter, Hannah) to rehearsal the next day. Gia gets a text warning her not to work with Brooke or she will be fired.

Gia knows she is supposed to scratch Brooke's solo but lets it stand. This sets Leslie off, who snitches to Abby. Jill sees Leslie as trying to paint herself as the victim. Brooke's dance is to one of her own songs about Abby and the moms' fights. Lori and Hannah arrive and Hannah joins Gia and Maddie on the dance floor. Leslie gets a message from Abby, which she is to read to all that says Brooke can't have a solo, both are out of the group and Payton gets a solo. Kelly calls Leslie a hoodlum and the drama starts up.

At the competition, Gia promises to take the team to the top. No Abby, but the moms hope she shows up. Lori and Hannah come to the competition and join the group in the dressing room. Hannah will be the inspiration for the girls that day.

The girls take the stage, with Asia up first doing a good job. Maddie is next and Melissa hopes Lori will help Maddie connect with the audience. Abby talks to Melissa and says that she won't return until Paige and Brooke leave the studio. All hear this, which upsets Brooke, leaving Leslie smug. Kelly talks to Brooke, who takes the stage with a more mature dance to "I Hurt." The group dance looks beautiful.

At awards, Asia gets first place, Brooke takes fourth and Maddie gets first. She dedicates her trophy to Hannah and calls Hannah to the stage to presents the trophy to her. The highest scoring routine is "Just Be" and the girls celebrate! Abby doesn't answer her phone but has Mandy answering for her. No one knows where Abby really is? Christi offers a prayer for the Dance Moms, saying, "Thanks."

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