'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby Goes Away and Cathy Comes Out to Play
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby Goes Away and Cathy Comes Out to Play
On the June 18 episode of Dance Moms we are treated to what the show would be like if the Candy Apple's were in charge.  Let's just say it isn't pretty! If we thought the moms at the ALDC  were bad - well, they're nothing compared to this group.

When the show opens, Abby is in LA looking for a studio. She wants to move to LA as she's a Cali girl. She knows Maddie and McKenzie will follow but her attitude shows us how she really feels about the rest! She spends the whole show in LA with Gia running rehearsals in Pittsburgh and listening to developments at Candy Apple via her phone. The moms meanwhile seem more relaxed and go out to celebrate the Abby-free week. They realize that Abby wants to move to LA which will leave their girls without a studio to call home.

"An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away" centers around the Candy Apple's. Cathy has recruited three new girls to join her group who is now without Gino. Hayden (or as Abby calls her continually "Roadkill") from Abby's Ultimate Dance Off has joined the squad along with Mari and Campbell. Each girl brings a mom and strengths that Cathy plans to use to rewrite dance and leave Abby in her dust. Little does Cathy know that the moms are bringing drama to the center. Cathy's number one requirement to be on her team: Have Cathy's back!  

We find out that Cathy likes routines with uneven numbers. When Mari gets sick, Cathy calls "Black Patsy" and her daughter, NIcaya. Okay, producers, let's just amp the "parent" drama up.  Not only do we have Jalen's over the top dad, Rick, but Black Patsy!  The love and warm fuzzy feeling that Cathy wants to exist at Candy Apple's disappears as we watch Gina's attack on Rick about Jalen's dance ability. Cathy does call the "moms" down but you know drama will return by the end of the Dance Moms episode.

Candy Apple will be traveling to Dance USA in Youngstown, Ohio. When Abby finds this out she decides to plant a spy (Jill) at the competition. The day of the competition dawns and the Candy Apples arrive in a white limousine (yes, I said limo) to cheering girls lining the steps (overkill, producers). Jill brings along Kelly and Holly as spies. The Candy Apples dance and Hayden's mom, Yvette, is so moved by her daughter's performance that she profusely thanks Anthony (instead of Cathy) and we have mom attack. Let's just put it this way: Hayden's dance is smooth and comes in second. Zack's dance, which had him as a puppet and inspired drama over the costume, places third. Anthony tells us that Zack would have won if only he had worn those short tight pants Anthony wanted for the costume. Campbell sat out the group dance (causing more drama) which wins the competition.

And yes, Black Patsy and Jill fought!

Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer

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