'Dance Moms' Recap: Recital Drama and Performance Woes
'Dance Moms' Recap: Recital Drama and Performance Woes
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms promises not only to show excerpts from Abby's annual recital but also drama associated with the performance. The outcome could be a major tipping point for some of the Dance Moms. Add a photo shoot and only one getting the cover and drama will occur.

Dance Moms opens with the pyramid and Paige is upsetting Kelly. Asia, on the second row, hasn't been at the studio which starts mama drama. The top, occupied by Mackenzie, makes all happy, but Abby warns her that Asia is ready to take that top spot. Recital week is always stressful because of quick changes and different numbers. Everyone will do a solo with Paige receiving a new jazz piece, while Brooke performs "Summer Love Song." The group will do "Sugar Babies." Dance Track magazine will be at the studio and do a photo shoot, choosing one photo for its cover.

In the Dance Moms observation room, Kelly asks if she went overboard. Christie feels everyone but Maddie gets complaints. Jill sees Kelly as taking everything personally, but Kelly tells us in a private confessional that she doesn't think Paige is being treated fairly with one week to learn a new piece. Abby has decided that she will not take crap from Kelly and Christie, and warns Melissa, Holly, Jill and Kristie that she will not tolerate bad behavior like what occurred last year.

With the recital cutting-edge and a big deal, Abby does not want any mistakes. Asia has never performed in a recital, which surprises the other moms. Abby wants each to shine. Dance Moms, though, can't have anything without drama, so Abby calls the girls on stage and announces that Paige will not be performing the solo. She offers the number to everyone else with Maddie getting it (and Melissa happy). Kelly, visibly upset, yells about the unfairness and walks out with her girls. When called, Kelly tells the moms she will not be returning.

Abby gives each girl a new outfit from her dancewear line. Without Paige and Brooke, Abby reblocks the group number, while Christie explains the action we didn't see. While the girls rehearse, Abby visits the moms and tells Jill that she is going to be performing a tango in the recital.

The magazine people arrive and the girls get their characters assigned by Abby. Holly loves the fun Nia is having and hates that Kelly's girls are not there. Jill tries to convince Abby to let Kelly back, but Abby refuses.

Recital day arrives to a sold-out audience. Abby comes in for her usual pep talk and brings in the editor of the magazine who announces that Kendall has the cover. The girls celebrate for Kendall. The recital goes well with each of the original kids dancing their best. Asia steps out with costume problems. Mackenzie worries that she has forgotten part of her number but remembers when the music starts. Jill performs, and Christie and Melissa give her a crown and flowers which upsets Abby. The mom again discusses the favoritism that Abby shows Maddie in the dressing room, which Melissa denies. Abby, of course, has complaints like Asia's backward pants.

And next week on Dance Moms, Cathy and Payton are back.

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