'Dance Moms' Recap: Everyone's Gone Solo
'Dance Moms' Recap: Everyone's Gone Solo
It's all for one, and one for ... one this week on Dance Moms, when Abby puts the metaphorical 'i' in 'team'. Instead of the usual group number accompanied by a couple of soloists, it's every girl for herself at this week's competition as everyone is given a solo ... even Kendall! Oh, and in case you're wondering, the one-hit-wonder from last week (Kaya and daughter) has already said goodbye to these Dance Moms. Are you surprised? Yup, Abby has pinned everyone against each other to see who will come out on top, but even more importantly, how well each girl performs determines her fate at next week Nationals competition. Who will impress Abby and who will foil under the pressure? Let's find out!

Last Chance to Impress Abby

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Abby is putting so much pressure on her girls, but one week to determine who will dance at Nationals? Really? As if she hasn't seen enough of what these girls can do for the last few years, Abby makes them think that this one week says it all. And even more shocking is that she makes Maddie sweat it out when at first she tells her that she will be the only one on the team without a solo. Cruel and unusual? Of course, but that's just Abby for you. But if you really believed that she would deny her star dancer a solo, you'd be crazy. Of course Maddie ends up getting a solo ... and ends up taking first place in her division. What else is new? Unfortunately the only other top scorer of the night was MacKenzie, and she forgot part of her dance! Doesn't look so good for the others who placed among the top 10, and some not at all. It should be interesting to see who makes the cut next week for Nationals because other than Maddie, no one else met Abby's standards.

Break-Out Stars

In other Dance Moms news, Brooke is breaking out in her own career as a future music artist, and Melissa takes advantage of being in LA by taking her two girls to a casting agent. I guess hanging around in California wasn't such a bad idea for the ALDC! I wouldn't be surprised if we see Maddie or MacKenzie in a commercial someday, and Brooke seems like she would be just as happy singing as she is dancing. At least the girls got to have some fun making a music video and professionally recording Brooke's song!

Next week Abby decides who will go to Nationals, and which girls will get featured roles. And just as you may have guessed, we will definitely be seeing Cathy and her Apples there too. Who do you think will be featured at Nationals? Will Abby use the whole group or make cuts? Leave your comments and don't miss next week's finale!

Kathryn MacDougall
Contributing Writer

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