'Dance Moms' Recap: While Maddie Taps, Melissa is Hip-Hop Mad
'Dance Moms' Recap: While Maddie Taps, Melissa is Hip-Hop Mad
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Abby is back with the Dance Moms this week and ready to compete! The real questions are: has LA changed Abby (yes) and where did Melissa's attitude come from (the moms)? While this Dance Mom has been in LA with Abby, Abby uses it as a wedge. As for the rest of the Dance Moms, I guess your reason for staying away isn't good enough.

This week, the pyramid is back. Abby shares that she has learned new things and bettered herself in LA. She complains that only "Maddie visited." Christi tells us that the reason the rest of the Dance Moms' girls didn't go was because of Abby's treatment.

The pyramid goes as it usually does with Maddie at the top because of her flawless performance/thrilled attitude for Chloe's win. (Wait, I see a temper tantrum.) They are going to In10sity in Syracuse with solos for Maddie (tap), Mackenzie (acrobatic/gymnastic) and Chloe (hip-hop). The group number,"Gone Too Soon," has each girl portraying a "dead celebrity" -- Nia (Whitney Houston), Paige (Anna Nicole Smith), Chloe (Marilyn Monroe), Kendall (Selena), Brooke (Amy Winehouse) and Maddie (Princess Diana).

In Dance Moms drama, Christi is upset over Chloe's hip-hop number. While Chloe gets lectured about not coming to LA, Melissa gets attacked for going and being "sneaky" to get attention. Melissa storms out of the studio, which means that the next day Abby has a heart to heart to find out what happened. Christi saw the discussion and knows what's up. Melissa tells the others that it is none of their business and cops an attitude. We are also treated to a glimpse of how Abby manipulated the judge and scores by showing him the error of his math.

The moms regroups at the local watering hole to discuss Melissa. Melissa later tells us that she didn't show because she doesn't drink and wanted to be with her kids. To add to the drama, Leslie (Payton's mom) shows up at the studio and announces that Payton will gladly dance with the group if Abby needs her.

When the group arrive at the competition, they are greeted by a huge crowd. In the dressing room, Abby gives them the "first competition back" and win lecture. Maddie gets special attention because of a costume change. Mackenzie gets the lecture about making her mark with Asia gone. Chloe basically gets told to step it up.

Mackenzie does a good performance. While Chloe performs, Abby doesn't look happy. Last is Maddie, whose routine, complete with wardrobe malfunction, is tap. For the group number, Abby is upset because she doesn't feel the girls "know" their characters. Maddie gets a solo as the song ends and exits with a regal wave.

Mackenzie receives first place for her dance, while Chloe finishes fourth and Maddie second. When Chloe's scores are announced, Abby smirks. With Maddie, Abby gets upset because she disagrees. The group number receive first place, but Abby is busy texting during the announcement.

In the dressing room, Melissa gets upset and explodes at the other moms as the girls return. Abby immediately attacks the other Dance Moms because they are jealous of Maddie's time to shine. Melissa returns and Abby blames Chloe and Christi because they are evil.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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