'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby is Always Right
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby is Always Right
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Monday night's Dance Moms is a special presentation of what I'm sure is Abby's good, bad and ugly of all the season's happenings. Immediately, I'm scared as Abby shares that we are only halfway through the season. At 29 episodes, I thought we'd be almost through with season 3.

Abby starts this episode of Dance Moms with the recap of the Maddie/Chloe same solo dance.  I still say, from my experience and view, that Chloe was better because of the ballet technique and understanding of the song. After both performances, Abby gets the score sheets, searches for an error, find ones, takes it to the officials and then give her opinion on their apparent misjudgment of Maddie with the child apparently listening. Way to go, Abby! Always show Maddie why she is better than Chloe.

We then get what we saw originally in the dressing room with the official delivering the news. Abby looks so innocent until the official comes back and thanks her. Abby once again shows why favoritism will win when you find the way to make it!

Next up, Abby tells us that healthy competition makes Maddie and Chloe so good. Their duet is performed in perfect unison. I will agree that this is one of the better performances for the year. Abby then shows us her next generation of top two dancers -- MacKenzie and Asia. If you want to compare these two to Maddie and Chloe, then think of Asia as Maddie and MacKenzie as Chloe.

Abby then talks Dance Moms and identifies Melissa as a "good mom" because she's on time, pays her bills and only needs Abby as a friend. The others are shown hanging out at a high-end bar without Melissa. To Kelly, all moms and kids work as a team. I guess Melissa hasn't learned that team isn't spelled with an "I." The moms don't trust Abby. When favoritism comes into play, trust is gone. I wonder what Melissa will say when Abby starts choosing Asia over MacKenzie?

Dance Moms then turns to the mom drama of Kelly and Christie's fight. Abby tells us that Kelly isn't the only ugly mom and shows us a Jill moment at a Candy Apple competition. Funny, she forgets that she sent Jill to spy out the competition, fully knowing how Jill and Cathy cannot get along. Throw in "Black Patsy" and a fight always occurs. While Abby throws off on Jill for her unladylike behavior, she fails to acknowledge her role in the drama!

Abby talks about Brooke joining the senior company and dancing with Kevin. While having told Brooke and the rest, "No boys," she sets Brooke up with a date with Kevin so they can learn to trust each other. While it works, Abby still sings the song of "No boys" for her troop.

Next up is Abby's view of Cathy and her new team. Abby describes Cathy's dances as crap and shows the "Club Funk" number. Abby says the song was appropriate because of the "Can't dance" line in the lyrics. She then talks about dancer Jalen's lack of technique because of his experience in break dancing.  We are also treated to parents' drama with the possible Apple Core defection.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Abby expects respect. Okay, does Abby deserve respect? I'm leaving that up to the fans to decide.

Dance Moms will air again this week in its regular Tuesday timeslot at 9pm on Lifetime.

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