'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Finalists Choose Their Brigades
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Finalists Choose Their Brigades
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Tonight is part one of the season 10 Hell's Kitchen finale. Chef Ramsay welcomed 18 chefs at the beginning of this cycle and at the top of this episode only three remain. Only two cheftestants will go on. Who will it be?

Once the two finalists are determined, Chef Ramsay has big things in store for them to keep their eyes on the prize. There will be a trip to Vegas, spa treatment, front row seats to the Penn & Teller show and champagne, just to name a few!

We pick up where we left off. Justin, Dana and Christina stand before Chef Ramsay as two screens drop from behind him. Who will leave the competition next?

Well, it won't be Christina. She is the first name called through to compete for an executive chef position at Steak at Paris.

Eliminated: Dana

Justin is called second, joining Christina in the finale of Hell's Kitchen season 10. "You are not ready right now," Ramsay tells Dana as she walks out.

Ramsay suggests that Christina and Justin get to work on their menus for competition. They should each include:

4 appetizers
4 entrees
3 desserts

The next day, both cheftestants have toiled the night away over their menus. "Unfortunately, Andi and Scott are not here," Ramsay breaks the bad news to our two finalists as they sit in his over-staged office. Well, where are they? Justin and Christina definitely need sous chefs in order to complete their dinner services.

Poolside, Steak at Las Vegas

Justin and Christina are whisked away on the Hell's Kitchen private jet to Vegas for a day of pampering. Another surprise awaits them on the plane as they enjoy conversation and champagne with Chef Ramsay. He awards them with brand new jackets that have their names embroidered on them.

Relaxation is quickly transformed to business as the finalists are pampered in robes alongside the pool of the Paris hotel. Andi sits with Christina and Scott with Justin and they begin to discuss their menus. Emotions continue to whirl when both their families make a surprise visit. Will time away from their focus, sitting down with their loved ones distract them from their dinner service? Apparently, no one is too worried about it as Ramsay hands them all tickets to the Penn & Teller magic show.

A classic "saw a person in half" trick starts off pretty harmless, until Chef Gordon Ramsay is revealed to be part of the trick. Penn and Teller soon disappear from the stage, leaving Ramsay to shift the focus of the entire show to his two finalists.Neither Justin or Christina look too enthused.

Challenge Steakhouse Menu: On the spot, Justin and Christina must create their personal takes on five dishes (salad, seafood appetizer, fish, rib eye and filet) that could possibly make it to Ramsay's menu at Steak.

A slew of successful, high-end chefs, Francios Payard, Michel Richard, Julian Serrano, Stuart Gillies,  and Wolfgang Puck, grace the stage as guest judges for the challenge. Justin takes an early lead, yet Christina soon comes back from 2 - 0 to tie 2 - 2. In the filet round, Chef Puck must make the winning decision.

Challenge Winner: Christina

Let's Play Choose Your Brigade!

Just when Christina and Justin were under the impression that the night's pressure was over, Dana, Barbie, Clemenza, Robyn, Brian , Kimmie, Royce, Patrick stroll out of the Hell's Kitchen jet. Now each finalist must endure, possibly, the most essential part of their last moments before standing behind those doors in Chef Ramsay's office.

Team Christina

Team Justin

"This menu is going to be a lot of work!" complains Dana as she and the rest of Team Christina go over the menu. Funny thing is, she doesn't seem to be the only one who feels this way. In Hell's Kitchen history, scallops and risotto have always been difficulties. This finale, Christina wants both items in ONE dish! A recipe for winning or disaster?

"I don't got anything to prove to anybody," whines a yawning and frustrated Clemenza. Justin is simply going over his menu with his team and Clemenza quickly sinks from his realization that no one really wanted him on their team. Being picked last takes its toll and Clemenza mouths off and walks out.

Who will become the season 10 winner of Hell's Kitchen, taking on the top position at Steak? Who will be able to command such strong personalities in the kitchen? Will Clemenza return? Will Dana and Christina's friendship survive dinner service?

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, all of these questions will be answered. Dinner service will prove full of drama as Christina and Dana's friendship is put to the test and Justin struggles to inspire Royce. Only one chef can walk through that glass door, taking the title as theirs.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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