'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Only Six Remain, Who Goes Home?
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Only Six Remain, Who Goes Home?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Hang up those medals, Olympic enthusiasts! Chef Gordan Ramsay and his hour-long kitchen tirade returns after two weeks with a brand new episode of Hell's Kitchen. Many of you could probably do with another week without listening to Robyn's dramatic insults or seeing the remnants of poorly prepared meats on Clemenza's jacket. All this aside, the show must go on and it will go on tonight with some familiar faces.

The time has come for our remaining six cheftestants to measure their skills against former stars of previous Hell's Kitchen seasons. The now assembled black team (before the show's hiatus, each of the six were given black jackets.) will strive to complete a near perfect (yeah, right) dinner service matched up against now established chefs in this muppet show of an episode.

"It's a black jacket party!" exclaims Dana. All six of the black team receive complimentary knives. Dana and Robyn share a quick Hammer dance in the mirror before anyone wants to think about the compettion at hand.

The next day, Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Chef Quinn Hatfield (yes, THOSE Hatfields) stand next to Chef Ramsay. Each holds a silver dome in front of them.

Challenge: It's the Taste It, Now Make It Challenge! Each of these dishes are a twist on a classic dish. The team must take a guess after tasting them at what ingredients have been used to recreate the dish.

Barbie and Justin, Clemenza and Dana and Robyn and Christina have been paired together. They all dive into Chef Ramsay's dish, tasting, sniffing, touching at the food. Let me save everyone some technical reading. Out of the four elements of the dish, Clemenza and Dana chose 3 of 4 ingredients differently than everyone else.

With ingredients such as veal and bacon on the winning ingredient list, each of the three teams reach a three-way tie of 3 points. The last element of the sauce will determine who wins. Will it be a first time tie? Or will Clemenza and Dana take the win.

Challenge Winner: Thanks to a medeira wine, Clemenza and Dana are headed for a day of jet skiing at Silverlake Resort.

Barbie, Justin, Robyn and Christina must join James for some front of the house cleaning. The poor things are on their hands and knees scrubbing the staircase with what looks like toothbrushes!

Meanwhile, Clemenza fails to catch much air while racing Dana on their jet skis, yet he is still awarded a prize on shore. While enjoying champagne, Dana reveals her string bikini. Clemenza soon steps into the role of that perverted neighbor who lives in the house your mother would make you skip on Halloween.

Aside for women in little to no clothing, Hell's Kitchen can also be educational. Take Justin's time spent cleaning, for example. Never has he ever ironed before. He explains that he feels it's "degrading." James doesn't let him skip the task, though. No, he finds him scrubbing the same spot on the fish tank, yanks him back over to the ironing board and sees that he stumbles and grumblings through working out those tablecloth wrinkles.

Returning Chef Dinner Service

One by one, Chef Ramsay announces the name of a former cheftestant who descends from the staircase, now sparkly clean, and forms a six member team who will take over the Red kitchen and compete once again. Anyone remember these guys?

HK season 8, Russell
HK season 7, Jay "Smurf"
HK season 6, Kevin
HK season 5, Paula - Who receives an interesting comment from an admirer. "After this, look out, Paula," points a more than enthused Robyn. "I'm coming to you for a job!" By the grin on her face, I think Robyn might want something a bit more intimate than a job.
HK season 3, Bonnie
HK season 2, Virginia

"Welcome, we'll show you how it's done," laughs Christina. A show is definitely what they'll get. Ramsay calls Dana and Robyn "muppets" at one point during service, yet I would like to formally invite the entirety of the Black Team into the role of the reality show version of muppets. With this said, you can only begin to imagine how the next 20 minutes will play out.

The returning chefs kick things off perfectly while the black team, thanks to Robyn, has ceasar salads delivered to the pass without enough dressing. "All you have to do is put dressing on leaves!" says Christina and I couldn't have said it better. After this, Clemenza fires up food that isn't even called for! "I wouldn't want to be over there right now," giggles Virginia of the returning chefs. Time after time these two never fail to, well, fail.

The returning chefs have finished their appetizers. Jay, who is sweating blue streaks from his smurf-do, delivers one perfectly cooked sea bass and one pepper-drenched sea bass. Thanks to Kevin who jumps on the station to help, the fish is now leaving the Red kitchen. Well what do you know! Apparently, reality television really can showcase its positive outcomes.

Remember when Clemenza and Dana, who are jointly being considered for the role of Miss Piggy, worked really well together and won that day at the beach? Well, throw that out of the window because they are killing the scallops. Twice, they've come back from the pass.

The returning chefs are working like a well-oiled machine even though they have never worked together before tonight. Scallops are still the name of the game for the Black team. Chef Ramsay finds some seasoned and sitting on the counter, unattended. Dana is on the station but that doesn't mean she sat them there. Robyn steps forward, taking blame.  "There's just too many people!" is her reasoning for not holding proper cooking etiquette. Yeah, that's exactly it, Robyn, too many people.

Dinner Service Winner: Returning Chefs DUH!

"Considering that this was your first time working together as a team," Ramsay tells the black team, "Not bad." My opinion is that they failed. Case and point.

Back in the dormitory, Robyn and Dana's names are tossed around for pretty much being inconsistent and annoying. Good enough reasons as far as I'm concerned.

Surprise, surprise! Robyn and Clemenza are nominated for elimination. Robyn feels like she was in a "basketball game" during dinner service. This has to be why she can never follow through. Clemenza doesn't even know how many times he's been up for elimination. He has survived SIX TIMES! And he can add a seventh to the list.

Eliminated: Robyn

Ding, dong the witch is DEAD! Before leaving, Robyn leaves us with kind words, "I'm gonna show all those [expletive] that they can go [expletive] themselves!" Le sigh, I'll miss her way of livening up a sentence.

Make sure you have your "Robyn Is Gone" parties soon because next week's Hell's Kitchen will quickly snap everyone back into reality. Another familiar face will surprise the current cheftestants. Make sure you join me right back here for more kitchen heat coverage!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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