'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Walk-Out
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Walk-Out
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Ding, dong the witch is dead! Well, one of them is at least. Last night on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay sent Kimmie packing. She couldn't step up to the plate during her time to shine for Southern Cuisine night. That's pretty bad, if you ask me.

Tonight, the spotlight is on Barbie of the Red Team and Robyn of the Blue Team. Their team members have had it with them. (I really don't see what Barbie ever did to deserve such treatment. Jealousy is not a good look, ladies.) Could this be the end of the line for one of them?

Guess who's crying now! Big Bad Robyn is weeping after believing she was going home. She better wake up and smell the properly cooked meat from the Blue kitchen!

As for the Red Team, Christina and Dana are not looking forward to working as a three-person team with Barbie. I smell a scheme.

Challenge: The cheftestants are playing tag teams in the kitchens today. Each team will have 30 minutes to cook a dish for Chef Ramsay, but only one person will be in the kitchen at one time. The ingredients for both kitchens are risotto, lamb and cod.

Highlights of the speed rounds:

Clemenza spends more time fastening his apron than anything. Robyn burns her cod fish. Brian is weird and singing in his confessional. Despite their hatred towards Barbie, communication in the Red kitchen seems to be going well. Now if Barbie can beat the clock and plate in time while looking to out-cook Clemenza.

Challenge Results:

Wow! Both risottos stick to their plates and are either crunch or hold a smokey taste. Gross! Nobody gets that point. The cod dishes aren't any better. Still no points awarded! As for the lamb, Chef Ramsay spit both of their dishes out. "I, Gordon Ramsay, cannot pick a winner," he proclaims. Neither can I, Ramsay. I think we should start this season over again.

"Hell's Kitchen season 10, making history," says Dana. "Only, we're making history BECAUSE WE SUCK!" You got that right! This is horrible. Both teams miss out on cruising down to Malibu in a red convertible. Stop your daydreaming, ladies and boys. Enjoy your day cleaning the entire Hell's Kitchen compound from private SUVs to the pool.

Before dinner service begins, Chef Ramsay has a surprise dish for the cheftestants. Under the dome, he reveals the Hell's Kitchen black jacket. Each one of them are competing for the six black jackets.

Dinner Service

Clemenza and Justin are off to a good start with their spaghetti appetizers. As for Christina's risotto, she delivers a perfectly cooked dish, but she serves too much of it. Then just after the positive reinforcement, she ALMOST mixes old risotto with fresh risotto. Ramsay quickly stops her.

The Blue Team gets an order for 5 risotto at one table. Clemenza cooks them in 3 pans, so they come out in 3 different colors. How can we fix this problem? "ALL IN ONE PAN!" yells Ramsay.

Barbie hounds Christina to help her out, time after time she turns Barbie down. Christina's risotto is served burnt. Of course, Barbie has an attitude about it during her confessional, but Christina handles it like a big girl and fixes  her problem.

Next up is Beef Wellington. This has to be one of the hardest things for the cheftestants of Hell's Kitchen to cook. Brian has fallen in line with former competitors, having served raw and overcooked Wellington. Robyn picks up some of the slack and clears off the pass, putting the garnishes in the oven. What?? Chef Ramsay spots her and wants answers. Her reply is, "they told me to." They did nothing of the sort! This turns into a full on confrontation between the Blue Team while Ramsay sinks to a squat and rubs his eyes, apparently reaching a new level of frustration.

"Bring it back together!" shouts Clemenza. He, Brian and Justin are struggling to put things back on track. Unfortunately, Ramsay finds that Justin has reheated the same fish that was JUST on the pass. Robyn finds this funny and Ramsay backs Justin into his corner. Suddenly, whoosh! Robyn almost sets the place on fire. No worries, the show must go on.

The Red Team celebrates a greatly performed finished service. Dana may have needed to be shown how to use one large pan as opposed to three small ones for her fish station, but they still do very well. At least their diners don't begin walking out! The Blue Team is holding on to a seriously thin string, here.

While the Red kitchen is being wiped down, Brian is seriously dying over those Beef Wellingtons. Not one of their tables have received an entree. Ramsay has to call Barbie over to instruct him on how to fire up a perfectly cooked Welly. How embarrassing!

"I feel like a castrated dog," says Brian. He's yelling and throwing a tantrum in the Blue kitchen while Barbie immediately tosses out perfectly cooked Wellies. Finally, the Blue diners are receiving food. Good job, Barbie!

Dinner Service Winner: The Red Team

Christina, Dana and Barbie are awarded their black jackets. "I guess I should have stayed on the Red Team," says Robyn. Ha! Karma is a witch! The Blue Team has to nominate two people for elimination.

Robyn is basically against everyone. "You are messing with the wrong crazy bitch," she says of herself. While Justin and Brian are arguing with Robyn, Clemenza is hugging a chair. Robyn is a shoe-in for nomination, but the second spot could go to either Clemenza or Brian.


Robyn is up for being the weakest link. The second nomination spot is now a tie for Brian and Clemenza. Ramsay points out that they failed during dinner service and now' they've failed at a simple task. All four of them are asked to step up for possible elimination!

Robyn is still talking about fighting, that's her reason for staying. Brian knows what he's capable of, the black jacket being one of those things. Clemenza has fought through his mistakes. Justin fights every single day. So who's going home?

Justin and Clemenza are given black jackets. Now it's down to Brian and Robyn. Who will it be?

Eliminated: Brian

What is going on here?! Why is Robyn still allowed in anyone's kitchen? I knew Brian wouldn't win, but still.

"You will not regret this decision," Robyn tells Ramsay. "I swear to you."

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, the six remaining cheftestants are now wearing black jackets, but that doesn't mean things get easier. They'll be competing against another team while still competing against each other. Meet me back here Monday night to see how it all plays out!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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