'Dallas' On-Set Interviews: Josh Henderson and Emma Bell on Dysfunction and the Love Triangle
'Dallas' On-Set Interviews: Josh Henderson and Emma Bell on Dysfunction and the Love Triangle
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dallas season 3 picks up only 12 hours after last year's finale with John Ross and Emma waking up in their hotel room. He may be married to Pamela, but his fling with Emma is far from over. Last week, I visited the Dallas set to speak with the cast about the upcoming season.

The first interviews are with Josh Henderson and Emma Bell. They both chat about John Ross and Emma's affair and the danger they will be facing when they are discovered.

In addition, Henderson discusses how JR's legacy continues to influence John Ross on a daily basis. And, Bell talks about Emma's friendship with Pamela and how loneliness drives her actions.

Josh Henderson Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • John Ross has trouble coming to terms with JR being responsible for his own death. He still wants to make his father proud. 
  • He needs ice tanking ships from Emma. He believes if he gets in her heart, he'll achieve his goal. John Ross loves Pamela, but believes he can get away with being with Emma even though she's right across the hall.
  • It's going to cause problems for him, Emma, Pamela, and his mother. His biggest worry about his mother is that she'll start drinking again. And, her biggest fear is that John Ross turns into his father.
  • He really believes he can get away with it. He saw JR doing it, so he thinks he can do.it.
  • Season 3 is all about John Ross and whether he's turning into JR.
  • JR still has a huge role in season 3. The Ewings are still dealing with the aftermath of JR's Masterpiece. He's still there manipulating people even though he's gone. Every decision John Ross makes is made with his father in mind.
  • Out in the open John Ross and Christopher want to work together and make both oil and methane work. But, John Ross does have his own motivations. He wants to gain majority ownership of Ewing Global. He also wants to frack and drill on Southfork.
  • John Ross and Christopher will feud, but will work together against any outside force that tries to hurt them. Christopher tries to be fair and honest and that's not John Ross.
Emma Bell Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Emma's a force this season. She finds her power. John Ross was controlling their affair at first, but she flips it on him.
  • John Ross is powerful and seductive and she falls for it. She doesn't believe he loves her. She's jealous of Pamela and wants to be her.
  • Emma befriends Pamela in the house. They are both damaged with daddy issues and connect because of those similarities.
  • Emma is lonely. She's on her own and wants to find love.
  • She doesn't feel guilt at first, but then it does come.
  • Emma's an addict. It was pills and now it's power. 
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