Daisy of Love: Preview of Season Finale
On the season finale of Daisy of Love, the last three guys will be heading out of the mansion and flying to the beautiful island of Hawaii.  Tonight we find out just who among London, 12 Pack and Flex will be Daisy de la Hoya's one and only.

The final three are going to Maui to spend some quality time with the girl of their dreams, but things will already get too emotional before they even land.  Daisy has to narrow down her choices to just two.  Tears break out and relationships break up, as it gets all dramatic (or melodramatic) when one contestant has to say goodbye while on the airstrip.

With Daisy faced with only a couple guys left, she'll have to make a big decision as they go on their respective dates.  It's not as perfect in paradise as the three of them might have imagined, because there can only be one rockstar for Daisy de la Hoya.

Below, you can watch the sneak peak of the finale episode from Daisy of Love.  There's heartache and heartbreak, but surely one of them wins Daisy's heart. 

We've already listed down the possible pros and cons of the three remaining suitors - mohawk-man London, the hardcore marshmallow Flex (sounds like a s'more), and Dave-slash-12-Pack who claimed to connect with Daisy on many levels.  There's no sure way of knowing just who can win the heart of the Rock of Love reject.  We even wonder if any of the three will be suitable for Daisy (or any woman) at all.

Some of you have your own guys to root for, but Daisy de la Hoya can only choose one.  But if Bret Michaels takes a break from his Poison tours and his Rock of Love Bus girlfriend, then pops right up in Hawaii wearing his cowboy hat, wouldn't that be an exciting twist?  Who will Daisy choose?  Don't miss the big finale on VH1 this Sunday, July 26 at 9pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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