Daisy of Love: Episode 3 Recap
Daisy of Love: Episode 3 Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's episode of Daisy of Love included bromances, men putting mascara on their mustaches, guys saying they don't love Daisy, and one guy winning a special date that Daisy never showed up to.  Sometimes I'm really happy I don't work for The Soup on E1, because it would be impossible to only choose one clip to replay.

The challenge is to protect a Daisy mannequin from paintball snipers.  Thanks to sacrificing his body, Sinister is the winner.  After the competition, Brooklyn admits that he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend, so he voluntarily leaves the show.
That night everyone goes out to a club.  In preparation we learn that many of these douchebags are also raging metrosexuals as Fox spends more time on his hair than Uncle Jesse from Full House.  He also uses mascara on his mustache because it makes him feel pretty.

At the club, Sinister gets to spend some time in the VIP area with Daisy.  She tells him to go back and wait for her, then she walks around making out with all of the other guys.  After a few hours, she decides to leave and the limo takes off, but Sinister is still waiting in the VIP area.  As much as these guys are all huge douchebags, Daisy is an even bigger skankbag.  At least on Rock of Love Bret Michaels was nice to the girls, holding back their hair while they vomitted.

In addition, the party reveals that Fox thinks he's too sexy for this whole scene, so he's going to play it cool, which upsets Daisy because if she's not the center of attention, she ceases to exist.  Tool Box lives up to his name by running around dry humping the other dudes looking for a bromance.  He doesn't find one, probably because he drunkenly admits that he doesn't care about Daisy and he just wants to hit the clubs and sleep with a bunch of women.

The next day Daisy goes on a body painting date with the winning team of Sinister, Chi Chi, 12 Pack and London.  Daisy and 12 Pack have a stimulating conversation where the two brain cells between them are on the same page.  Sinister gets to make out with Daisy as an apology for abandoning him at the club.  Chi Chi tries to put some nasty sex moves on her, but he's a short, sweet guy, so it's a bit like a Care Bear trying to wear a leather jacket.  London seems like Daisy's perfect man, so he's making up a lot of ground from passing out in the first episode.

Daisy of Love
Elimination Time
!  It comes down to Cable Guy and Tool Box and Cable Guy is sent home because he's a normal guy who doesn't understand how to play this ridiculous game.  As Tool Box comes up to get his chain, the other guys mention that Tool Box said he wasn't into Daisy, and after some discussion, Daisy doesn't know what to think so she sends him home too.

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