'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 3 Observations
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 3 Observations
Finally, the three-part reunion concludes. I am exhausted and I need more wine. Marlo is still on that couch and it appears she intends to stay.

  • Marlo is still living off of that "whore" comment that she cooked up for hours backstage. She shouldn't be so proud of it. Then Kim and Cynthia started yelling at each other almost at random, as though bit by the same argumentative insect.

  • Marlo's hair is too long. I don't like it to the waist. It's all I can notice with all this yelling! They're all wearing hair to the waist, aren't they?

  • If Kandi wanted to take care of every motherf***er in there, she could! Not Andy, I bet. He lives in New York. What got Kandi so riled up?

  • "Is that how you have money? From haters?" Andy asked Marlo. NeNe liked that.

  • Oh yeah, everyone is so changed by Africa. Look how changed they are!

  • "Hey, I have this gorgeous, fabulous friend who wears the most fabulous labels!" Does that inspire you to open up another seat's worth of hospitality?

  • Before her final exit, we take a look at some of Sheree's worst moments over the last four seasons. Sheree, you fight like a child!

  • NeNe does not think Sheree and Kim's friendship is genuine. I do not much care about their friendship! I want NeNe and Kim to be friends again.

  • NeNe can't even say "hi" to the women she's having trouble with. Why, NeNe, why? Kim is "fun" and Sheree gets the hand.

  • I'm glad we're talking about Marlo's use of the f-slur. I wish they'd talked about it more.

  • I think the Freaky Friday bit was lost on Kim and NeNe, but I enjoyed it!

  • Yes, we know NeNe does not have a penis.

  • I don't like how NeNe made this all about her stupid guest appearance on Glee, and wouldn't congratulate Kim on her personal success. This is a really ugly side of NeNe.

  • NeNe has her own wine?! Boop, then.

  • Regardless of height, do you consider yourself a Tall or a Small?

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