'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 4 Reunion Round 2
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 4 Reunion Round 2
Part 2 starts now, and this could very well be the lull between two storms. But who knows! The husbands are around, and Marlo's coming out with stick-straight shiny hair. High class. Here are some observations on Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 reunion.

  • Reviewing Malorie's hysteria makes me realize that she was being way too reactive. And to think that I didn't like Peter ... Oh wait, I still don't. "And..?" is not an acceptable response to "that's your wife's sister."

  • NeNe, stop trying to make your relationship with Peter a thing. Nobody said it was a thing.

  • Peter likes being called Papa Smurf. But the husbands were boring.

  • We will finally get to see Kim's real hair on Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding! That is reason enough to watch for me.

  • "I love babies, bitch!" This season has really given us some good quotes, hasn't it.

  • And now: Black Babygate (and another demonstration of the reason Sheree is leaving RHOA). She is an instigator, and a hysterical arguer. But BBG has been resolved. Everyone is good now. It really was more of a matter of Kim wanting to do stuff with the group, not whether or not she'd go to an African orphanage. I can see Kandi's spanx.

  • Phaedra got into the funeral business because she had close friends who died. Who knew?

  • BRING OUT MARLO! She has been arrested seven times; she fears nothing. Ted Turner is not her sugar daddy. I love that when she gets mad she says, "bitch better check my charges."

  • "Kim I thought you and I were cut from the same cloth. No, I take that back. You're a whore," Marlo said matter-of-factly. Someone planned that attack!

  • Marlo fights dirty, and she flights calculated. And it appears she's just getting started! Marlo knows how to light the fireworks.

(images courtesy of Bravo)

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