'Cult' Recap: More Cult Members Outed
'Cult' Recap: More Cult Members Outed
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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You know when you watch a trailer of a movie that gets you excited, but the trailer is what contained most of the excitement of the movie? That's how I felt with "In the Blood." It fell a little short of expectations and didn't maintain the suspense, creepy factor nor momentum from the pilot. It's more straightforward and leaves more questions.

Kelly's Secret

On the show, Kelly gets called to the scene of a crime when a body is discovered buried -- buried upside down. Through a flashback from seven years ago, we see Kelly being held upside down underground but brought back up, right in the arms of none other than Billy. She's been initiated into the family. Kelly was in the cult!

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Of course, there's the possibility that she's truly not out of the cult yet. I can't imagine there being a de-initiation of sorts. So what happened since that day seven years ago that made Kelly no longer part of the cult but a cop?

When Billy shows up at the crime scene, he reminds Kelly of the things she did for him -- but there's no proof. Just like there isn't any proof that Billy's the leader of a cult as well.

Another Secret's Out

Back on our show Cult, Jeff and Skye continue to play detective since the actual detective wants to do things her way. They want Miriam's husband to admit he knows more about his wife's death than he lets on -- but he's not budging. 

So Jeff decides that if he's not getting answers from him, maybe the rest of the family will know, so he and Skye "crash"/spy on the funeral. Except the funeral is weird. It's only the pastor and the husband. Where is everyone else?

Miriam's husband then gets a phone call and then leaves the funeral. Everything's very weird at the moment. Jeff and Skye follow and spy on him some more. It's the detective that Miriam's husband goes to meet! He hands her this odd-looking package before they kiss. 

Her secret's out, as well. Skye digs up research on the detective. It appears she's solved a ton of big crimes, although I'm betting they're not all, you know, ethical. I'm not quite sure why this secret is revealed this early. I feel there's more to go with the story line if Jeff still isn't aware that the detective is a member of the cult, but I guess we'll see where it goes.

Blown Up

Jeff's techie friend E.J. helps track down where the call from Nate came from last episode. They track down the place -- and the video feeds from that night. While they watch Nate, who else comes in to stop Nate from talking to Jeff on the phone? Miriam's husband!

So he's definitely knows about the cult and he knows Nate, as well. With this new piece of info, Jeff and Skye head over to Miriam's house again. But no one's home, and all the wallpaper have been pulled off. They realize that's what Miriam's husband was giving the detective. 

When there are sounds coming from the kitchen, they discover who else but Miriam's husband, bound in the cabinet. He's not giving up any bit of information. Not that they have any time to because Jeff and Skye have to run out of the house because the it blows up! And the same red car is seen leaving the area, the one that was watching them when Nate was telling Jeff about the cult.

Skye's Motive

We do get insight into why Skye's so eager to help Jeff. It seems like show creator Steven Rae may be a link to her father's disappearance. Among his papers from a decade ago with Cult and Steven Rae, although Steven just created the show last year.

But what does everything mean? There's also the network head who's been kidnapped. What's his key to the whole thing? And will we ever get to see this mysterious Steven Rae?

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