Spoiler Alert: 'CSI' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'CSI' Spoilers
You can argue that a lot has changed with the twelfth season of CSI -- you've got a new boss in Ted Danson, and with it, a lighter approach to episodes. Yet, the show is still about a team of investigators figuring out who's behind all the crimes they encounter in Las Vegas. More or less, really.

But with two new characters, and more changes within the old guard, there's still lots to watch out for in upcoming CSI episodes. Provided you're ready for it, we've got CSI spoilers after this paragraph. You're not? You might want to look away now...

Someone Gets In Trouble

The fifth episode of this season is called "CSI Down" and it revolves around a medevac helicopter that gets hijacked. A member of the team gets involved -- does this CSI spoiler mean a death on the horizon?

Thankfully, nope: the episode title is just that, a title. But it will still be a harrowing experience for newbie Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois), who will be in the hijacked chopper. She will survive the ordeal, but we'll have to see how this will affect her work with the LVPD crime lab and -- more importantly -- how this affects her already fractured relationship with her dad slash boss, Ecklie.

The Mayor Gets On The Act

Literally: the fourth episode of the season will feature a cameo from the former mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman. And the CSI spoilers suggest that he's not just appearing to wave hands and say hello: he'll be involved in the crime of the week.

When a museum about Las Vegas' mobster past is opened, the city's former mayor is shot -- raising questions on whether he was in with the mafia before. True or not, this should be a shining moment for resident history buff Greg (Eric Szmanda), and an extra adventure for newbie Russell (Ted Danson).

Family Life

Unlike Grissom (William Petersen) and Langston (Laurence Fishburne) who were single, new boss Russell has a wife and four kids, and we'll meet one of his kids in the seventh episode: Brandon Jones is set to appear as one of Russell's sons, Charlie. I wonder what brings him to Las Vegas -- and whether this means we'll see more of the Russells in future episodes.

Fingers crossed these CSI spoilers gets you rattled just fine to tune in to the show, now on Wednesday nights from 10pm on CBS.

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