New 'CSI' Back in April and Marg Helgenberger Likely in for Another Season
New 'CSI' Back in April and Marg Helgenberger Likely in for Another Season
Now that the writers' strike is over, viewers can finally look forward to fresh episodes from some of their favorite shows.  Among the series that have been green-lit to resume work on their current seasons are all three members of the CSI franchise.  CSI: Miami will be the first to return with new installments on March 24.  It is expected to come up with eight additional episodes to the 13 that were already produced pre-strike.  CSI: NY is scheduled to air the first of seven planned new installments on April 2, with the original CSI also resuming with original content the following evening.  By the end of their respective seasons, NY and Miami will both have a total of 21 episodes while the flagship CSI will have four less and wind up with just 17.

Prior to the scribes' walkout, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was just developing Marg Helgenberger's character of Catherine Willows as the sole heir to a Las Vegas casino empire.  Because of the writers' work stoppage in early November of last year, what was to be a new beginning for Catherine was left unrealized.  Helgenberger spoke to TV Guide New Zealand about her intentions regarding CSI.

"I'm contractually obligated until the end of this season and there was a big question mark for me at the beginning of this season because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do," the actress says in the February 15-22 issue of TV Guide New Zealand.  She added that she “sort of envied” former castmate Jorja Fox, who had left the show earlier. “  She made this decision to leave this very popular show just because she was ready to try something else.  So I was envious but incredibly supportive."

Despite feeling a similar inclination to take off after the current eighth season, not to mention the fact that her contract will be up, Helgenberger says she might have another go at the show after all.

"Basically I've inherited this big hole in the ground, which is now being developed into another big casino hotel,” the actress said, referring to the direction her character was supposed to take in season 8.  “The show was moving in the direction of how Catherine was perhaps going to make decisions about whether to continue being a criminalist or move into that world but so far we've only hinted at it.  With the strike, I don't think they can wrap up Catherine in the remaining episodes if we come back, so I have a feeling I'll probably be coming back for another season."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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