CSI's Miniature Killer revealed; Sara's fate undecided?
CSI's Miniature Killer revealed; Sara's fate undecided?
The seventh season of CSI wrapped up two of its year-long plot arcs last night – well, sort of. The identity of the Miniature Killer has finally been revealed – as has Grissom’s romantic involvement with Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox.) But Sara herself was barely seen in the episode, then kidnapped, with her fate left up in the air to be revealed next season.
The Miniature Killer turned out to be one of Ernie Dell’s foster kids, as Grissom’s team suspected, and they actually caught her, though not until we got to see her actually inside the CSI lab, where she was working as a member of the janitorial crew. (Come on, they thought it was someone who worked with bleach weeks ago, but never investigated their own cleaning staff? Yes, they explained it by saying her record was clean, but aren’t they supposed to be top-notch investigators? And Grissom’s hobby-shop pal had been making miniature accessories for the killer all along? Impressive work, CSIs. Except not.)

As for the Grissom and Sara relationship being revealed, Grissom told pretty much the whole CSI team last night that he thought Sara’d been taken because the killer, Natalie (Jessica Collins) held Grissom responsible for the death of Ernie Dell, the last person that Natalie had loved, and now she was going to take away the only person he loved. Nobody said anything, as they were all struck dumb, presumably either with surprise that he loved her at all or just that he was talking about it.

So were the rumors true, about Sara getting killed off due to Jorja Fox’s contract dispute? Well, the cliffhanger certainly didn’t answer that question, as Sara is clearly still alive – at least for the moment, as she’s been trapped by Natalie under an overturned car somewhere in the desert.

No news has been announced either way about her contract negotiations, leading some to speculate that the entire contract-renewal story was put out by the CSI producers just to make this cliffhanger more interesting.

Do you think Jorja Fox will be back on CSI next year? Do you want Sara to come back? And what will happen with Sara and Grissom’s relationship now that everyone knows about it? Do you even care? Comment below to share your opinions.

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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