'CSI' Triumphs in Thursday's Fall Premiere Ratings War
'CSI' Triumphs in Thursday's Fall Premiere Ratings War
Whether Jorja Fox's near-certain departure some time in this brand new season will buoy CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or pull it down as the episodes go on will remain a hanging question as the show progresses on its eighth season.  The program's latest edition just premiered last Thursday and we have the initial numbers of how it fared against other heavyweights like the returning Grey's Anatomy.

Overall, CBS finished last week with triumphant numbers according to Nielsen Media Research's preliminary data released on Saturday.

CSI's eighth season debut propelled CBS to the top of Thursday's ratings war with a staggering 25.2 million viewers.  In its second year pitted against Grey's Anatomy, the forensic drama was victorious by a comfortable margin of over four million among total viewers.  Grey's finished second with 20.9 million watchers.

In the specific demographic bracket of viewers between the ages of 18-49 however, Grey's Anatomy had a slight edge, reeling in 8.8 million against CSI's 8.2 million.  Compared to last year's figures though, CSI was up from 7.7 million while Grey's Anatomy's numbers dipped significantly from 11.1 million.

In other news, CBS has just come up with a new editing studio called EyeLab, which will now enable fans and content producers to edit footages from CBS programs and create video “mashups” out of them.  With EyeLab, viewers of various websites containing CBS shows including series like CSI, news and sports can take available clips and alter them in various ways imaginable.

CBS has learned from research that short-form video, such as can be produced from content altered by future EyeLab users, is today's most widespread, rampant and popular online material.  As such, clips from their popular series that will wind up in altered or modified form may become effective and unsurpassed promotional tools for their shows.

CSI creator and executive producer, Anthony Zuiker agrees with the network's latest facility.

“Using the Web as a direct engagement platform with those who care the most about the show is a perfect way to bring the TV experience online and in turn, to learn from fans," Zuiker noted.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Mediaweek
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