'CSI' Returns with Triumphant Numbers, Back Tonight with Another New Episode
'CSI' Returns with Triumphant Numbers, Back Tonight with Another New Episode
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returned last week with a vengeance, beating out the competition in its Thursday 9pm time slot and posting the biggest numbers among all shows aired from 8-11pm.

CSI is back this week with its second all-new post-strike episode entitled “A Thousand Days on Earth."

Last week's offering dubbed “Grissom's Divine Comedy,” about the team's investigation of the murder of several key witnesses in a grand jury case, drew a total of 20.6 million viewers, leading all programs shown from 8 to 11 that evening.  It was followed by fellow CBS procedural, Without A Trace, with 15.4 million.  In its 9-10pm bracket, CSI was well ahead of runner-up Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, which had 10.25 million.

CBS will be hoping to sustain the momentum of CSI's triumphant post-strike comeback with tonight's episode, “A Thousand Days on Earth.”  Tonight's case has a particularly strong emotional pull on Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) as they look into the disturbing death of an unidentified three-year old girl.  Catherine becomes personally invested in the case of the girl found murdered behind a comedy joint.

As we've previously reported, the story begins with an arrogant and tacky comedian delivering his act at a comedy club.  After his performance, while searching for his car in the parking lot, the comic is nearly run down by a speeding car.  When he manages to jump away from its path, the vehicle backs up and a man rolls his window down to tell comedian what a great show he just had.  When the comic finally gets to his own car, he is stunned and shocked to find a box containing the dead body of a young girl, lying as though resting in a coffin.

Tune in to “A Thousand Days on Earth,” CSI's second post-strike offering, tonight at 9.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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