CSI: Hard Evidence for Wii Out Next Month
CSI:  Hard Evidence for Wii Out Next Month
Along with an all-new season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comes the latest in Ubisoft's line of popular CSI videogames.  CSI: Hard Evidence will soon be made available to more CSI fans and video game enthusiasts when it is released for Nintendo's Wii next month.

CSI: Hard Evidence is the fifth in Ubisoft's series of games based on the first and original CSI series set in Las Vegas.  The game is currently already available for PC and Xbox360.

CSI: Hard Evidence offers a first person experience of the procedural crime scene where the player/s actually get to team up with characters from CBS' eight-year old hit program.  CSI lead actor William Peterson and some of his fellow male co-stars have lent their voices to their video game likenesses but vocal stand-ins had to be used for Catherine Willows and Sara Sidle, in place of Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox.

Aside from the realistic experience provided by the voices of most of CSI's mainstay cast members, among the strengths of the Ubisoft game are its storylines and visual settings.  The cases incorporated in the game are interesting and engaging, aside from being dotted with cut-scenes that showcase a variety of possible scenarios indicating how the crimes may have taken place.  There are also in-depth images of how crime scene wounds appear upon impact.  Las Vegas, as the setting for both the series and its ensuing computer game, is well represented and brought to life via richly detailed renditions of real landmarks, settings and structures.

Despite the vivid realism however, CSI: Hard Evidence does fall short of offering ample challenge to above average gamers.  The game lacks the level of difficulty that should complement the intricacies of the cases presented.  It is easy even for first-time gamers to know where to turn for next set of clues and evidence.

Aside from the relative simplicity of the gaming experience, CSI: Hard Evidence is also positioned strictly for those who already have a firm familiarity of CSI the series.  As such, both its amateurish level of difficulty and its specifically oriented presentation tend to limit its marketability and appeal.

CSI: Hard Evidence retails from $29.99 to $39.99.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Variety
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