CSI: Episode 8.11 "Bull" Recap
CSI: Episode 8.11 "Bull" Recap
We are treated to Jewel singing "The Star Spangled Banner" to open this episode of CSI. It's a rodeo and the cowboys are trying to stay on those bulls. One cowboy in particular, Cody, is shown having his ride and he falls off before his 8 seconds is up.

As he falls, the bull kicks him underneath his chin and it looks as if he's seriously injured. He is able to get up and as he's helped out of the arena, he's heard to ask for a re-ride. Later that night, this same cowboy is found dead inside the arena with that same bull running loose. The lab determines the Cause of Death to be a broken neck received when he was thrown the second time.

The second case is a female victim of a hit and run. Nick finds the truck that hit her and it belongs to Cody. An electronic hotel room key is found on the girl's body and a matching one was found in the truck.

A search of the hotel room finds a note from the girl, Tiffany, telling Cody that she's getting married and what the team suspects to be a love poem written to Tiffany by Cody. So they theorize that Tiffany breaks Cody's heart by marrying someone else, he gets mad, runs her over in his truck, walks back to the arena and tries to ride that bull again.

That theory is shot when a witness comes in that puts Tiffany's death after Cody's. Tiffany is found to be a prostitute, but after her pimp is questioned, he's found dead in the men's room of a country western bar.

One of Tiffany's co-workers tells about an all out bar brawl that happened when 2 local women accosted Tiffany for hitting on a good looking man in the bar. Seems they didn't like prostitutes taking all the good men. That good man took up for Tiffany in the bar fight and ended up proposing to her.

The night they were supposed to get married, though, Tiffany didn't show up. Her man waited for her until after 3 am, not knowing that she was killed on her way to the wedding chapel.

Warrick found the jilted groom in his pick-up truck about to eat his shotgun. Nick talked the guy out of killing himself, but he admitted that he'd shot the pimp because he thought the pimp kept Tiffany from showing up.

Some talk in the lab about different ropes later, it was determined that the rope found with Cody's body couldn't be his. That particular kind of rope was discontinued years ago. They were looking for someone older.

Turns out that Cody's death was not planned. A couple of the guys from the rodeo were involved with cattle rustling. They were using some kind of machine to get sperm from championship bulls and selling the sperm for big bucks.

Cody accidentally walked in on the process and got into a fight with one of the guys. The other guy punched Cody basically in the same spot that the bull kicked him earlier and that caused his neck to break. When they realized that he was dead, they staged the riding accident.

Tiffany's death was also an accident. They used Cody's truck, since it had air conditioning, to rush the semen to the buyer. They were rushing, because they were late, and in their haste, they accidentally hit her.

This episode of CSI ends in the lab when they realize that the love note that Cody wrote was not to Tiffany after all, but was to that bull.

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