Carmine Giovinazzo Talks About His Character on 'CSI: NY'
Carmine Giovinazzo Talks About His Character on 'CSI: NY'
The third season finale of CSI: NY aired in May, and already the stars of the hit drama series are preparing to begin work on the fourth installment.  However, Carmine Giovinazzo, who plays CSI Detective Danny Messer, took some time off his vacation in order to discuss the development of his character through the series.

One of the major storylines that was presented in the previous season is Danny’s romantic relationship with co-worker Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap).  Although there was tension between them initially, the two characters gradually became friends. By the beginning of the third season, it was clear that their relationship had reached a new level.

“I think it’s good,” Carmine Giovinazzo said of his character’s involvement with Lindsay.  “I'm glad it got where it got and that we had a real, definite thing that happened between us.  It was a little more there but not quite there [before], so it was good [that something happened]. It's fun to do.”

The 33-year-old actor also told CSI Files that despite some of the fans' reluctance to accept the new relationship, he thinks that the storyline is a way for the show’s writers to further flesh out Belknap’s character.

“I think the thing with Lindsay is good because it's going to help define her,” he said.  “I know how people feel about that, but it's tough because they have to spread out the cards for everybody… But I don't mind being the utility guy--you can use me for what you need to use me for.  The main characters are just all helping each other right now, and whatever way the [writers] have to do it, they do it.”

Since the writers are planning to pick up from where the previous season left off, Carmine Giovinazzo is expecting that the major changes in his character will be further developed in the upcoming season.

“[CSI: NY Executive Producer] Peter Lenkov and I talked about carrying on Danny being hurt in the last episode.  Obviously, we're going to have to deal with me and Lindsay now; it's something they can't not deal with now, so I've already got those two things going in so that will have to be explored.”

Aside from working on CSI: NY, Giovinazzo has also taken the time to focus on his music.  While on a break, he traveled to Los Angeles and formed a band.  Together, they have written no less than eight songs.

“I've got a really good drummer and a really, really good lead guitar player,” he said of his bandmates.  “I'm playing guitar and vocals. It's going to be good.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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