CSI: Miami: Horatio's Son Talks About Bonding with his Onscreen Dad
CSI: Miami: Horatio's Son Talks About Bonding with his Onscreen Dad
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
As one of CSI: Miami's newest cast members, Evan Ellingson admits that he wasn't really a big CSI: Miami fan.

"I had watched the original CSI and a little bit of Miami in the first season but after that, not so much.”

Ellingson, 20, who plays Horatio Caine's long-lost teenage son Kyle Harmon, however, more than made up for it by doing his homework.  “When I got the role, I started buying all the DVDs and catching up."

Initially guaranteed 10 episodes, Ellingson said he feels “lucky” that his character stuck around and was made to appear in more episodes.  He does, however, have something to say about the show's timing.  "They actually don't tell me until a couple of days before I start filming if I am in the episode or not.  When I come into work, I am just as surprised as everyone else."

As a professional actor, Ellingson says he really sat down with David Caruso to possibly chat and bond with the man who would be playing his father.  And they instantly hit it off.

"I can't exactly remember what we talked about but we shared some of the same things going on in our lives," he said.  "David understands me and I understand him.  David always comes on with such a positive attitude and makes me feel open to do whatever I want.  He is very cool and brings a good energy to the set."
As for his character, Ellingson was a little defensive of Kyle's bad behavior.

"What made him so mad in the beginning was he never knew who his mother or father were Kyle was a foster kid so he was confused.  He was twisted into doing something that he didn't want to do.  Being in the mind frame Kyle was, it was something anyone could do."

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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