Will 'Crusoe' Get the Axe Soon?
Will 'Crusoe' Get the Axe Soon?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After it premiered a couple of weeks ago on NBC, Crusoe has not exactly been a critical favorite.  The reviews have ranged from lukewarm to scathing, but the overall consensus can be summarized in a single word: silly.  Prior to its airing, some have expected some sort of a Lost vibe for Crusoe, but they realized the only thing it has in common with the ABC hit are the flashbacks.  Lost didn’t have any pirates or cannibals.  It had its own share of weird, fantastical elements, but for some reason, it had been capable of making the whole thing work and seem believable, whereas Crusoe, heavily promoted and anticipated on NBC’s fall line-up, jumps from being poignant and dramatic to something out of Saturday morning children’s fantasy.

Now for the numbers.  Crusoe’s two-hour premiere managed to reel in 7.4 million, and if critics are to be believed, disappointed viewers.  True enough, its second week saw a drop of 1.5 million viewers to 5.9 million.  Judging from the reviews, it looks like the boat is sinking for the NBC freshman.  Apparently, its multi-million pound budget (yes, it is being made by a London-based independent production company) cannot buy creativity for the series.  Already, some critics are predicting a sunken ship on the horizon.
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As for viewers of Crusoe who have stuck with it through the some say tediously long two-hour premiere and its episode last week, critics have cautioned against getting attached to the series.  NBC is making 13 episodes and, if things don’t improve, will likely not renew for another season.

On its last episode, Crusoe (Philip Winchester) lost his wedding ring while fixing the water source to the tree house.  Friday (Tongayi Chirisa) had a weird dream about a young woman who is lost and yearning for the sea.  Taking their cue, the two castaways tried to find a way to set her spirit free.

Catch Crusoe tonight at 9pm on NBC.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: SF Gate, Hollywood Insider
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