Exclusive Interview: Christan and Ada of 'Crowned'
Exclusive Interview: Christan and Ada of 'Crowned'
Mom Ada and daughter Christan got off to a rocky start on CW's pageant reality show, Crowned.  They didn't exhibit a lot of teamwork at the beginning, disappointing the judges by choosing the team name Hot & Not.  Slowly but surely, they improved their relationship, working together and learning to trust each other over the course of their Crowned experience.  Unfortunately, these Blessed Beauties were eliminated in last night's episode, after faltering in the interview segment of their pageant training.  Christan and Ada spoke to BuddyTV today and shared their favorite moments from the show, as well as their insider's scoop on what really happened at the cocktail party.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the conversation.

Hey everybody. This is Debbie at BuddyTV, and I'm talking to the Blessed Beauties, Christan and Ada, from Crowned. First, let me ask you, what was the audition process like for you to get on the show?

Ada: Well, I was actually looking at a local radio station's website here in Dallas and I just happened to come across the casting call, and it was the very next day. And when I saw the whole premise, I thought, "That looks like that would be fun." So I called Christan and I was like, "Hey, they have this open casting call tomorrow. You want to go?" And she was like, "What is it?" and I told her, never ever thinking that we would be chosen to be on the show. So we went the next day and we got called back and then it just happened so quickly from there.

What did they make you do at the casting call?

Christan: They just asked us questions about our relationship and if we have any pageant experience and just personal questions, basically.

Tell me one thing that both accomplished throughout the competition that you're most proud of.

Ada: Getting to know each other better. I mean, I know that sounds funny coming from a mother and a daughter. But I think, when you have a really busy life, especially having more children—Christan was my first, she was the only child for the first five years and then I've had five, actually, since then. And so, it's been, for her, it was like, "Wow, mom's really busy with all these kids." And so, for us, to get to spend that quality time together was really what we wanted to do and was really what we got to do and just got to know each other a little bit better. We came into the competition thinking we were so different, but actually, by the end, we ended up seeing actually how much we're alike.

Christan: I would have to say, definitely, spending quality time together and also just finishing and getting as far as we had. I didn't think that we were going to make it that far. I mean, I was hoping that we'd be there for the final pageant.

Ada: You wanted that $100,000.

Christan: I did. I did. I have a shopping habit. But I'm just really proud that we made it to the end. I'm always so bad about starting stuff and never finishing and giving up, and it was something that I stuck with.

How much interaction with the judges did you have?

Ada: The day we arrived, Shanna Moakler was there, but other than that, the only interaction we had with the judges was at the theater and, of course, at our public speaking out at the mall. But really, there was no interaction at that one. So, really, just onstage was the only time we got to see them and them to see us. So, I think the judging was solely based on what we did on that stage.

So, did they, or did Linnea or anyone give you coaching?

Christan: We pretty much did everything on our own. Linnea would could in and tell us what our challenge would be and from there, all the brainstorming and props and clothing and everything was pretty much our doing.

And, what's your take on the feud that has been going on in the house between the two cliques? Where did you guys fall in and what was your opinion on all of that?

Ada: I think we've been pegged guilty by association, just because of the room we were in, but we tried to stay neutral when all of that went down in the house. I really don't know how the house got divided as quickly as it did. It was just one team, the so-called nice team would eat dinner at night or whatever and then they would go to their room. And so, we were usually the ones that were out and about throughout the house, and we just never saw a whole lot of them. And all of a sudden, this rift just started coming between them all. But everyone likes Christan, and she gets along with everyone pretty well, and if the same thing happened in the house, I don't think there was anybody we just did not get along with or really despise or anything like that. We tried to stay neutral. It was really sad when that whole thing between Angela and Gina went down. We feel bad for both sides. We could see both sides of their views on it.

Christan: I don't know how it got divided either. I acted myself and pretty much, everybody on the "bad girls" side, I guess you can say, acted themselves, and I guess America just took it as that we were spoiled brats and stuff like that. I'm not saying that anybody on the other side was being fake, but I guess we think that they were putting on somewhat of a front. "Oh, we're so perfect and we have this perfect relationship." That's not me and my mom, and I'm not going to fake that to anybody either. I'm going to act how I act every day.

So, do you think that the way it was portrayed on TV was accurate? Or, was there some editing involved to make one side look worse?

Ada: I mean, it's television. I think we all know that there's editing within the show, but overall, I think everyone was pretty true. I know that I feel bad for Angela and Tenia a little bit and Patty and Laura because we did get to know them on a personal level too. We actually got along with them. Actually, some of the stuff they did and said was actually funny, but some of it was taken in the wrong way. But they're really good people. Some of the things I hear about them, I'm like, "Oh gosh." I feel bad because that's not really how they are., just like on the other side. I think the way they are being portrayed isn't exactly how they are. They aren't quite as perfect as they're being portrayed either. No one's perfect, and we all had out little arguments and all that. But I feel a little bad about how some of it was being portrayed.

Christan: I love Patty and Laura and I love Angela and Tenia. I think they're just very outspoken people. Angela's a little bit more outspoken than we'd like her to be, but unfortunately, that's just how she is, and we laugh about it. I mean, she was really funny. We thought she was funny.

Ada: She wasn't trying to be that mean as everyone thinks. She was really, kind of making light. She wasn't being so hateful and ugly. She really wasn't.

You know, one thing I want to ask you about is, it seemed like from last night's episode, that party kind of got out of hand. And, so what happened? I mean, we didn't really get to see everything, but can you just describe...?

Ada: You did notice that Christan didn't have a drink in her hand at all, and I was drinking water. We had no idea who the VIPs were, and I think it was the whole excitement that it was our loved ones. Everyone was just having a good time, and the food was more like finger food. It wasn't like a full meal that we made. And I think there just wasn't a lot of food and there maybe was a little more drinking than there was food, and a couple hours into it, Patty just got sick. She was so weak that she couldn't even get out of the chair, so we brought the stuff to her to vomit in. Just a few of them got out of control.

Christan: I'm a little upset because I'm in L.A. and the Clippers game was on, so I actually haven't got to see last night's episode.

Okay, but can you just tell us how the party was for you?

Christan: It was awesome. I didn't know who the VIP for me was going to be because (a) I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, and I wasn't married. And so, I saw my step-dad, and I was like, "Aww," and I was looking around, and I didn't see anybody, and then I saw my dad. I was really excited that I got to see my dad because, actually, my dad lives in Florida and it had actually been a year prior to that before I had seen him last. But I think it was awesome.

Ada: The most shocking thing about the party, though, of course, was Gina. She had a couple of glasses of wine, and I know, we'd been away from our loved ones for a long time, and she kind of got caught up in the moment. And we look over, and all of a sudden, we were just like, "Oh my God." She and her sweetheart over there, making out on the couch. That was shocking.

Christan: It was a little bit nuts. I'm not sure "making out" as much as her climbing on him. You just don't see Gina as that type of lady.

We only saw them kissing on TV, so was it like juicier than that?

Ada: There was a foot massage, and she had a little, short, white dress on. It was just, we didn't think we would ever see that from Gina, based on how we had seen her carry herself throughout this whole competition. It was just shocking.

What were some of your favorite moments from your time on the show that didn't get shown?

Ada: I think just the friendships that were made. I don't think there was a lot about all the friendships that were made on the show. And for us, we've made some wonderful friends that we hope we'll have for a lifetime, and do a yearly girls' get-together. But I think just the friendships and the bonds that were made on the show that wasn't shown is what I'm going to take away from it.

Christan: I'll have to agree. We definitely made really close friends, especially with Brenda and Heather. Me and Heather really, really, really bonded on the show, and I didn't see too much of that. I would have liked to.

Ada: I think there were some other really funny stuff that happened. Just the girls having fun together and doing crazy, funny stunts and, you know, things like that that we'll remember.

And, what are your predictions for next week's finale? Who do you think will get de-sashed first, and who do you think will win?

Christan: I'm honestly, really hoping that Gina and Hollis will win. They really are sweet people, and the way that you see them on TV is really how they act in real life. Nothing's different. And I think that they would represent a great mother-daughter pair.

Ada: Yeah, I agree. I like all four that are left, but even after what happened last night on the show, the way that Gina and Hollis came together in the kitchen the next morning, and you could tell that Gina really was sorry. And just the way they handled it, it wasn't like a big argument—it didn't turn into that, it could have—but just the way they handled each other just really shows that bond. They seem to have a really close mother-daughter bond, so I'll be pulling for them.

-Interview conducted by Debbie Chang
(Image courtesy of The CW)