'Criminal Minds' Recap: Bloody Murder Brings Reid Back
'Criminal Minds' Recap: Bloody Murder Brings Reid Back
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the season's thirteenth episode, "Magnum Opus", the team heads to San Francisco to investigate an Unsub who drains his victims' blood for a very specific reason. Meanwhile, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) continues to deal with Maeve's death. Read on to find out what the Criminal Minds writers have in-store for us this week.

Murder is Not Art

After several bodies are found with most of their blood drained, the team takes on the case. They soon realize that the Unsub is using his victims' blood as a unique medium for his paintings. The Unsub is desperate to be recognized for his work and keeps returning to the same gallery to try and sell his paintings. Eventually, the woman in charge of the gallery tells the Unsub that his work just is not good enough and as one would expect, the Unsub does not take this well. He then abducts the gallery owner to use as his latest blood-paint source.

When the agents locate the Unsub, he is moments away from killing the gallery owner. They try to talk him down but the Unsub chooses suicide by cop, hoping that his death will finally make people notice him and his work. But this guy is no Van Gogh, so I imagine his creepy blood-art will soon be forgotten.

Reid's Grief

The episode begins with JJ (A.J. Cook) stopping by Reid's apartment on her way into work. Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) has the same idea and JJ learns that she has been gifting Reid with sympathy baskets. They want to see Reid but he will not answer the door, so the girls leave for work.

Morgan (Shemar Moore) has also made several attempts to get in touch with Reid but Reid will not return any of Morgan's calls. Later, Garcia and Morgan talk about their concern for Reid and Garcia says she simply wants to hear his voice. To ease Garcia's mind, Morgan tries a different tactic and asks Reid for help with the case. Morgan's theory works and Reid makes several case-related calls during the episode, one in which he speaks to Garcia and thanks her for the baskets.

Back to Business

Morgan's attempt to pull Reid out of his isolation works better than he realized and Reid shows up in San Francisco to help with the investigation. Reid's friends are happy to see him but they are also concerned that he might not be ready to return to work. Though Maeve's death is clearly on Reid's mind during the case, it does not hinder his work and even helps him provide some vital information that leads to the Unsub's identity.

Once the case is over, Morgan tells Reid that if he needs anything, he simply has to ask. He does and the episode ends with Morgan, JJ and Garcia helping Reid clean up his messy apartment. The final scene leaves viewers with hope that, given enough time and support from his friends, Reid will be able to move past his loss.

What did you think about tonight's case? Is it too soon for Reid to be back at work? Should Reid and Hotch track down Gideon and form a support group for agents who lost their loved ones to Unsubs? Leave your thoughts on tonight's Criminal Minds episode in the comments section.

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