'Criminal Minds' Poll: Choose Your Favorite Team-Centric Episode
'Criminal Minds' Poll: Choose Your Favorite Team-Centric Episode
I have a question for the fans of Criminal Minds - What was your favorite team-centric episode (i.e. an episode that focused more on the team than the case-of-the-week)?

A. "Revelations"
B. "Penelope"
C. "100"
D. "Lauren"
E. "It Takes a Village"
F. Othe

My answer is C -- This was a tough decision because all of these episodes had great team moments, but I ultimately had to go with the 100th episode. I think it is THE episode that proves the agents of the BAU are more than just friends and colleagues, they are family. I loved how the showrunners brought in members of the team's extended family as well. Obviously, Haley and Jack had vital roles to play, but they also managed to work in Will, Henry, Kevin, and Agent Anderson. And as devastating as this episode is, it also allowed our characters to really stand up for one another and showed how well they work together even against the most insurmountable odds. More than any other, this episode was all about family and just how far you will go to protect them.

Leave your vote in the comments section and tell us why the team-centric episode you have chosen was your favorite.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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