'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Unknown Subject'
'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Unknown Subject'
On tonight's 150th episode of Criminal Minds, a victim named Regina turns into an UnSub as she holds her former attacker hostage. The BAU gets called to Houston to investigate a string of women being attacked for a second time by a serial rapist referred to as the "Piano Man," a name he got for playing popular 80s songs during the assault. The team arrests a young man positively identified by one of the victims, but soon realize he is much too young to be the true rapist and is only a copycat. Using him as a source of information, the BAU tracks Regina to her house where Prentiss talks her down from murdering the Piano Man.

In addition, Prentiss passes her final therapy session, much to Hotch's dismay. Having suffered pain of loss in the past, Hotch gives Prentiss advice, saying that one day she will no longer be able to avoid feeling what Doyle did to her, and when that day comes, she must promise to let him know. On the trip back home, a teary-eyed Prentiss tells Hotch she is "having a bad day". Here are the 10 best tweets about "Unknown Subject."

#10. @Kaitlinwas_here
So that fun fact about music just made my night ... and it had nothing to do with the fact that Reid said it #iLied #CriminalMinds

- Reid is the ultimate source of fun facts. I am going to try to start working them into everyday conversations.

#9. @Kstinner9
My hope is that if I ever get murdered that my story becomes an episode of #CriminalMinds ... is that too much to ask?

- Although it may be comforting to think that my life would be immortalized on television, the victims in Criminal Minds seem to go out in the most unpleasant ways; I would pass on this option.

#8. @IamKaraNicole
Dina Meyer from the #Saw films basically put the alleged rapist in a SAW TRAP! Haha #CriminalMinds

- Her piano wire trap was quite an interesting one. I would not want to run into her in a dark alley. 

#7. @Babyprzstaygold
"I thought to myself, what would SSA Hotchner do? And then I pictured myself in a really good suit." God, Garcia, I love you. #CriminalMinds

- Garcia has the most interesting fashion sense; I would love to see her imitate another character. Costume design does an excellent job keeping the character's wardrobes distinct and consistent.

#6. @MFNlaw
I can already tell that #CriminalMinds is going to ruin the songs of my youth for me tonight.

- I'd like to think of it as building upon your memories. Instead of correlating those songs with only your childhood, they can now be associated with a wonderful show of your adult life.

#5. @RileyMasters
JJ listening to Rage Against the Machine? Reid and Morgan giving her the jaw drop looks. LOL #CriminalMinds

- These little character tidbits are what make the show work. Without them, it would be too heavy to enjoy.

#4. @Bridget330
Why is Shemar Moore the only agent who can catch the UnSub when they run out the back door? What are the other agents doing? #CriminalMinds

- Do you want someone else clothes lining the UnSubs? I'm not complaining.

#3. @Gchan_s2
Best scene of tonight's #CriminalMinds episode was the Hotch/Prentiss jet scene at the end. "I'm having a bad day" </3

- It's one of the few times that we have seen the work really affect the team. It humanized Prentiss in a way that was realistic and not forced, beautiful and yet heartbreaking.

#2. @Pagetpaget
Ladies and Gentlemen- It's about time - @Dinameyer on Criminal Minds!! pic.twitter.com/tztJok97

- Thanks, Paget, for this adorable picture. Also, it's nice to see Dina a little more calm and a lot less crazy.

#1. @CM_SetReport
@JoeMantegna On reaching 150 episodes! vimeo.com/35669362 #CriminalMinds

- I am really hoping Criminal Minds makes it to 200 episodes after already accomplishing this much. Can we make that season's renewal slogan, "On to the bananas"?

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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