'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'The Company'
'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'The Company'
Cindy, Morgan's cousin who had been missing for eight years, is spotted by a relative, so the BAU travels to Chicago to investigate. All this time, Malcolm Ford had been brainwashing Cindy into believing that she is his submissive and disobedience would result in the murders of her family and friends. The team captures and interrogates Malcolm, but he does not break, nor does Cindy even after speaking with her mother. Finally, Morgan convinces their lawyer to give up the location of the cabin where the kids are kept, and there the FBI arrests Malcolm and rescues Cindy and her son. Here are the top 10 tweets about "The Company."

#10. @Veronicastorm
This man is playing his role too well on #CriminalMinds ... I'm going to have nightmares of crazy eyes.

- His crazy eyes were frightening, but his creepy smile jolted me more. I don't know how they find such good actors for these psychopathic parts; they are always dead on.

#9. @Nicole_Blough
OMG OMG OMG! Did that really just go down between Morgan and Garcia?! She told him! #CriminalMinds

- I think Garcia was right to put Morgan in his place, especially concerning the bit about him toning down his ego to be a hero. As much as I love Morgan, he doesn't think as clearly as he should when he has the opportunity to play the hero.

#8. @CMsupporterFans
I just knew Derek would call Hotch. Everyone calls Hotch. You can't not call Hotch. It's Hotch. #CriminalMinds

- Hotch seems to be that person everyone calls when they have a problem or when they just want to chat. It reminds me the episode "Demonology", where Prentiss comes to Hotch with a case.

#7. @JDobleOoo
I've been looking forward to some normalcy and familiarity on #CriminalMinds. Hope this doesn't disappoint.

- The past few episodes have been such a great brand of outrageous that this one did seem a little toned down. Though it contained twists and shocks, there was something reminiscent of classics from past seasons.

#6. @MulberryPuffin
I am already in love with this episode. MORGAN. CONSEQUENCES. LOVE. #CriminalMinds

- It is always interesting seeing how team members react to the consequences of their past actions that come back to haunt them. This nicely grounds the characters.

#5. @Sitcomofmylife
One of these days I want to see a FEMALE agent get into a knock down drag out. Why do the boys have all the fun? #CriminalMinds

- JJ did fight a little this season, and that was exciting. Last time Prentiss tried she ended up with a stake through her chest, so I would love to see her make up for that.

#4. @Caitbuttery
"THAT'S WHAT TIME IT IS, BITCH!" This show makes me giggle even at serious moments. #CriminalMinds

- Comedic relief on this show is necessary and always executed well. 

#3. @_Amyc
"A wise black man once told me, 'Babygirl, you be trippin'!'" -- Garcia, you the woman! #CriminalMinds

- I noticed that Garcia didn't flower up her description of Morgan in this quote like she usually does; it's a nice and simple way to really show her anger at him.

#2. @AJCookOfficial
Friday night in the woods with @pagetpaget. She's keeping me warm with laughter. Pic.twitter.com/E0vUA2uU

- Their interrogation scene was one of my favorites in a while. Those two work so well doing comedy together, and I am going to miss that greatly.

#1. @ErinLairdd
That episode was amazing. So good. Too amazing for words. I can't even ... #CriminalMinds

- Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed recent episodes, but this one was something better. I liked how it was a continuation of a past story but did not isolate viewers who had not seen it ever or in a while.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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