'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Profiling 101'
'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Profiling 101'
The BAU presents a lecture in an undergraduate criminology class, telling the story of Hotch and Rossi's first case together. It all started in 1992 when the bodies of two women were found with their reproductive organs ripped out. The media frenzy spooked the UnSub and caused the case to go cold until 1997, when two more bodies were found, and then again in 2005. The Unsub, Thomas Yates, was finally caught in 2009, but remained completely silent until he called Rossi personally a year after his arrest. Rossi struck a deal with Yates to remove the death penalty and relocate him to the east coast in exchange for the names of all his victims. Every year on Rossi's birthday, he makes a trip to Yates and receives one more name. Today happens to be Rossi's birthday. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Profiling 101."

#10. @Iramongonzalez
Was the UnSub seriously trying to cut a girl up in his underwear and a shower cap? #CriminalMinds

- That would not be my choice of attire ... well, ever. It was giving me a slight Dexter vibe, which is appropriate since he is a fascinating serial killer.

#9. @Msrasberryinc
Ok, Penelope on #CriminalMinds just said, "Zip, zero, stingy with dinero." Way to incorporate hip-hop lyrics into crime solving!

- I imagine Garcia busting out hip-hop lyrics as she is strolling down the street; she has a natural "pep" and "edge" about her.

#8. @GusBricker
Boo! Hotch should've had a flashback beard, too. #CriminalMinds

- I too wish Hotch had the flashback beard, but that Rossi just had a head of voluminous hair. All this talk of "flashback beard" makes me want to yell, "We have to go back!" (obligatory Lost reference)

#7. @LoveMahoor
Sitting here with @ikatayoon watching #CriminalMinds and eating Cheetos! It's a good Wednesday!

- Friends and snacks are the way to go with Criminal Minds. Reminds me of the fourth episode of this season when Prentiss told Hotch, "I played a lot of online Scrabble with some girl named 'Cheeto Breath'."

#6. @FandomJMac
Reids "Eww" face made me massive giggle!!! @GUBLERNATION #CriminalMinds

- I don't even know how to describe that face. It seemed slightly out of character for Reid, but very Matthew Gray Gubler and hysterical.

#5. @GusBricker
Womb Raider? Seriously? LOL #CriminalMinds

- Knock-offs of film names or well-known lines are my favorite. They're always accurate and provide a chuckle.

#4. @MeaganRoseKT
@Pagetpaget looks amazingly pretty in the 2009 jet flashback. Hair is gorgeous! #CriminalMinds

- Why has it taken until the third to last episode this season to have Prentiss with curly hair? Not only is it outstandingly gorgeous, but it's reminiscent of her past with the team, which I figured would be harped on with her about to leave.

#3. @Brittneynikkole
Garcia went honey badger. Heart her so very much. #CriminalMinds

- Garcia definitely has the determined Honey Badger attitude. Although, I would much rather have an encounter with Penelope than be the badger's snake.

#2. @ShelbySelman429
The students on this #CriminalMinds episode are asking too many stupid questions ... You're in criminology for crap sake ... Do your homework

- Don't get me wrong, I loved the format of this episode because it was different and presented an intriguing case, but it would seem more appropriate in an earlier season because it was a lot of unnecessary review for the audience.

#1. @Satallah11
Garcia: Is he gonna be ok? Prentiss: Of course he is. It's Rossi. #CriminalMinds #Profiling101 HILARIOUS!

- So true. Rossi is a strong, brave, poison-ivy-scaring man. As bad as I feel for him, I think he is the one team member who could handle such a struggle and I enjoyed seeing him at the center of this episode.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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