'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Divining Rod'
'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'Divining Rod'
The BAU travels to Enid, Oklahoma to investigate what appears to be a string of copycat murders after the original serial killer, Rob Garrett, is executed. The UnSub stabs his victims with an ice pick and chops off their hair, but he escalates to overkill when the FBI puts the town on curfew. JJ figures out that the locations of the murders form a heart around Helen Garrett's home. From there, the team realizes that the UnSub is a prison shuttle driver who fell in love with Helen when she visited her husband in jail. Also in this episode, Prentiss purchases a house and expresses dismay at reality that there will always be UnSubs to catch. Here are the top 10 tweets about "Divining Rod."

#10. @Dreanabeana
Leave the room with a full glass of wine. Come back and it's gone and no one is there but you? Don't refill and drink. Run! #CriminalMinds

- After getting suspicious of creeks in my house, I would start questioning whether or not I drank the wine myself.

#9. @Chiazu
This is like the billionth copy serial killer they've done. #CriminalMinds

- True, but they always throw some sort of original spin on it so there are different and interesting motivations behind the reasons that the UnSubs become copycats.

#8. @Shaneo693061
I don't have a fear of owning stuff. Set me loose in a shoe store, and I'll prove that. -Emily Prentiss #CriminalMinds

- Where are all those shoes, Prentiss? You live in those black ankle boots.

#7. @Chiazu
Course he's not in the closet, he's behind you. #CriminalMinds

- Welcome to Horror Films 101. I would love to see a list of all the stereotypical aspects that Criminal Minds has used over the years. They usually do it so well that I have probably missed many.

#6. @Amanda_0502
Reid not shaking hands! Why doesn't he shake hands? You know it doesn't matter it's funny when he just waves #CriminalMinds

- Reid has some funny mannerisms to go along with his random factoid blurts.

#5. @SarahKateAmann
Hey, hey Prentiss, my best friend and I still write letters to each other! #CriminalMinds

- You go, girl. I am a strong supporter of hand written letters. There are more personal and unique aspects that you can put into them that print does not allow.

#4. @Andreadenee
However in this episode, the UnSub isn't the craziest person in the episode ... I knew there was something odd about the widow. #CriminalMinds

- That was freaky. I have been contemplating it for a while and I cannot fully figure out that woman. I assume she has internalized and put into practice her father's message to her about being a lightning rod for psychos.

#3. @HolyGhostGrl
Polyphasic sleep ... you just didn't want to say nap, huh, Dr. Reid? #Loveit #CriminalMinds

- I am going to start using this terminology on a regular basis. On second thought, every time I say something of this sort, I cannot pull it off well enough for people not to think I've lost it.

#2. @KatieG247
JJ is deff on her game tonight #CriminalMinds

- Indeed. Her and Prentiss seemed to do most of the work in this episode. I loved it because I feel like their characters have been put on the back burner lately.

#1. @ArmoGirl525
#CriminalMinds How I love your twisted, evil nature of a TV series. My fascination with people who kill, typical #PsychAndCrimMajor!

- Had you left off that last phrase, I might be concerned. I try to convince myself that Criminal Minds is educational and it sometimes works.

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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