'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'A Family Affair'
'Criminal Minds' Best Tweets: 'A Family Affair'
The BAU travels to Atlanta after several prostitutes were brutally stabbed. The UnSub, Jeffrey, is a young man confined to a wheelchair, murdering to find release. His parents support his activities, believing that allowing him to strengthen himself will lead to him walking again. After JJ holds a press conference urging the UnSub's partner to turn him in, Jeffrey's father commits suicide and takes the blame for all the murders. However, the FBI invades the family's home and arrests the proper perpetrator. In closing, Hotchner completes his triathlon and introduces Jack to Beth. Here are the top 10 tweets about "A Family Affair."

#10. @Cblitzer
Totally warped family on this week's #CriminalMinds on CBS. Love that show!

- This episode was frightening for the sheer reason that people will do absolutely anything to protect the ones they love and they won't think outside what makes them comfortable.

#9. @Peyavery16
You know you're obsessed with a show when you cry at how big Jack has gotten and how happy you are Hodge is falling in love. #CriminalMinds 

- My question is, why have we not seen Jack and Henry having a play date? Sure, they're a few years apart, but those scenes would be absolutely adorable.

#8. @Ms_slater
#CriminalMinds Con: Hate the UnSub is obvious. Pros: The ladies hangover from drinking Green Fairy & Reid volunteering to babysit his godson.

- As smart as Reid is, I don't know if I would trust him with my child. I feel like that would be the most boring hours of a kid's life, not understanding a word he says.

#7. @Lovemichelleigh
How @AJCookOfficial manages to look flawless while acting hungover is beyond me. #jealous #CriminalMinds

- The entire cast of Criminal Minds always manages to look stunning no matter the circumstances. Whoever cast these actors, I thank you, and at the same time, I do not appreciate you making me jealous.

#6. @WorksInTheory79
Some people like to relax before bed with hot tea, a good book, or soothing ocean sounds. I'm watching #CriminalMinds.

- Sounds like you have found your own, perfectly acceptable, way to relax. Oddly enough, I have never had nightmares after watching Criminal Minds before bed.

#5. @MariStroud
Cheesy? Yes. But Emily, JJ, and Penelope all being hungover is *hilarious*. #CriminalMinds

- Hungover from the Green Fairy is hilarious. The name of the drink aptly describes them, as they are all their own unique brand of beings.

#4. @Ahurricaneheart
The bromance between Hotch and Rossi is so perf. #CriminalMinds

- The last few episodes have been really good about putting in Hotch/Rossi bromance scenes. It seems that Rossi is rooting for Hotch to find love because he (Rossi) so recently lost Carolyn.

#3. @Alishanaugler
The BAU ladies salsa dancing? I wanna see that. #CriminalMinds

- Right, where was this scene? Although, it probably would have felt a little odd with everything else going on in the episode.

#2. @Gchan_s2
Aww ... Morgan & Prentiss standing beside each other ... I love them! #CriminalMinds

- I love that their friendship is slowly being repaired after Morgan took her fake death so hard at the beginning of the season and directed a lot of negative feelings towards her.

#1. @Maxine0506
And I really like the episodes that end on a personal note, like this race, the cooking one, etc. #CriminalMinds

- I agree; it reminds us that there is a reason for the BAU doing what they do- they protect society so that they, and people just like them, can live happy lives. 

Stephanie Hall
Fan Columnist

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