'Criminal Minds' Actor Sentenced to 36 Months Probation
'Criminal Minds' Actor Sentenced to 36 Months Probation
After pleading no contest in an alcohol-related speeding case, Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore received a sentence of 36 months probation.  In addition to his probation, he will also be serving DUI related conditions, including not driving with alcohol in his system, and contributing 80 hours worth of community service.  His community service comes with the option of wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet, but according to his publicist, Staci Wolfe, Moore has yet to make a decision.

On June 1, the 37-year-old actor was stopped by the California Highway Patrol for going 65mph on a city street.  With an alcohol-blood level of .08, he was placed under arrest.  Three weeks later, he was charged with driving under the influence.  The actor then pleaded no contest, and as part of his plea deal, the DUI charges were dropped.

Of his arrest, Shemar Moore said, “My problem is I like fast cars. I'll drive fast late at night on the 5 [freeway]. That particular night the mistake I made was I was driving too fast.  As far as any alcohol-related charges, they were all dropped because they really were not an issue…   I was speeding…  I know there are children out there.  I don't want to send the wrong message.  I'm not a reckless person… I'm a risk taker.  I'm not above the law.  I was taking my chances and I got caught."

Aside from his run-in with the law, the Criminal Minds actor was recently involved in another headline-making story.  Two weeks ago, photos of a naked Moore at a gay beach spread like wildfire through the internet.  The photos prompted many to question Moore's sexuality, but the actor denied the rumors, saying that he and his female friends, who had been cut out of the pictures, thought the beach was unisex.

"The worst part of that whole thing for me was the [word] 'frolicking,'” Shemar Moore said, referring to the term tabloids used to describe his naked beach photos.  “To me that sounds like I'm skipping or something like that.  I have no problems with it.  What I have a problem with is they're making such an issue out of me being gay!

"I'll say right now, I'm not gay.  Not even a little bit. I love women.  Women are God's greatest creation.  But I have no problems with people that are gay.  My godfather was gay.  He died of AIDS. I have dear friends that are gay.  I'm very straight,” the Criminal Minds actor continued.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Hufftington Post, USA Today
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