Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Criminal Minds' as the Best Scooby Gang
Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Criminal Minds' as the Best Scooby Gang
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Criminal Minds' BAU has advanced in the Buddy Battles of Scooby Gangs, and this team has more than proven itself to be worthy of coming out victorious over the others--and has more than earned your vote.

Not only has the team dealt with some of the most disturbing and terrifying crimes and gotten into the heads of some of the creepiest serial killers on television, the team members have been to hell and back themselves--and have managed to keep their heads even in the worst situations. Doesn't a team of people that strong and resilient deserve to win?

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The team has gone through some changes since we first met the BAU, losing team members and family members and, like I said, being put in situations that have changed them when they came out the other side. One thing that hasn't changed is this team's ability to get the job done, whether it's with a one-episode UnSub or a recurring one who makes it personal.

If I were a victim in the hands of a serial killer and I had any hope of being saved on a TV show, this is the team I'd want looking for me. Each brings something to the table that allows them to hunt down the UnSubs.

Need a suspect to break in an interrogation? Hotch is the one for the job.

Need someone with experience getting into the minds of the worst criminals and in hostage negotiation? Call on Rossi.

Need someone who can both kick down the door to get to a victim and talk the UnSub down? Morgan can do that and more.

Need a genius to map an UnSub's hunting grounds, spout statistics like no one else, put the pieces together quickly and even tackle someone? Reid's your man.

Need someone who's both compassionate and kickass? JJ has proven that she has come so far since we first met her.

Need a computer genius to find something about someone and get into files no one else can? Garcia works miracles.

Need someone with a knack for language? The newest team member Blake has that covered.

This team is also a family. At the end of the day with a job like theirs, sometimes what's really needed is a moment with those who understand their lives, and on Criminal Minds, the team has moments just like that, whether it's a backyard wedding, a family dinner/cooking lesson or a few hours at a bar. It can't all be business, and though it is most of the time, it isn't always.

I'll leave you with a few words from Hotch in the season 2 finale. The team may have changed since then--Prentiss and Gideon left, Rossi and Blake joined--but the sentiment remains true: "I stand by my actions and I stand by my team, and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, good luck."

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